Chrimeny Christmas

This is every Chrimeny RP.


CC01: I Know What's Best
CC02: Diva? Ewwww!
CC03: Quite The Little Helper
CC04: Who Would Be Friends With Her?!
CC05: Here's Your Reply
CC06: Stalkers
CC07: Lack Of Direction
CC08: Seal Of Approval
CC09: Poor Baby
CC10: Paper Dolls: The Advanced Class
CC11: Who Didn't Have A Reason To Shoot Frost?
CC12: Friends Forever
CC13: My Daily Entry


CC14: Unnamed
CC15: Princesses and Champions


CC16: Coloring Outside The Battle Lines
CC17: Funeral For A Duck
CC18: How To Do Your Job
CC19: Blowtorches Are Like So Much Fun
CC20: Kiss Me, Kill You
CC21: Poor Me
CC22: Hating The Handicapped
CC23: Stalking Doesn't Have To Be Just A Hobby You Know
CC24: Diary Ah
CC25: How Was Your Day?
CC26: Fashionable Dining
CC27: Documenting Greatness

OWF Christmas Special

CCSP: A Very Chrimeny Christmas Special


CC29: So Not Fair
CC30: Total Problem Solver
CC31: Christmas Begins
CC32: I Learned Stuff
CC33: Totally True Rumors
CC34: Hopping Right Along
CC35: I'm Amazing, You're Welcome
CC36: Limited Liability
CC37: Happy Goblin Time
CC38: Digital Paper Truth Yeah





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