This covers all Eclipse RPs from her beginning to her current Retribution Inc. days. She's only been in the OWF in her career.

RP01: Beneath the Surface
RP02: Family Night
RP03: Pity Party of One
RP04: Am I Here?
RP05: Reflection
RP06: Complications Arise
RP07: The Watcher
RP08: Dichotomy
RP09: Instersection of Worlds
RP10: Middle of Nowhere
RP11: Opposing Insides
RP12: Solitary Company
RP13: 4 Weeks Ago
RP14: Prelude To A Return
RP15: Stitch the Body, Scratch the Soul
RP16: Soon
RP17: Not So Subtle Shifts
RP18: Angel and Demons
RP19: A Mother's Love: Lesson 1
RP20: A Mother's LoveL Lesson 2
RP21: The Interrupter
RP22: Personal Message
RP23: It's the Thought That Counts
RP24: The Benefactor
RP25: We're All Seeking Answers
RP26: The Path of the Fallen
RP27: Stitchwork Meditation
RP28: Double Edged Cycle
RP29: For You
RP30: Body and Mind
RP31: Round Peg, Square Hole
RP32: Dance of the Blind Snake
RP33: The Road Less Travelled
RP34: Finding A Connection
RP35: Reflected Truth
RP36: Consumption
RP37: Relationships
RP38: Despair
RP39: Dissection
RP40: Reformation
RP41: Anchored Floating
RP42: Wicked
RP43: Heavy Heads
RP44: Land of Confusion
RP45: Recovery
RP46: Slow Burial
RP47: Solace

Retribution Inc.

RP48: Forming Retribution
RP49: Welcome Home
RP50: The Closing Hand
RP51: Connections
RP52: Connections 2
RP53: Separation
RP54: Cacophony of Silence
RP55: Wired Design
RP56: Violation

Post Retribution

RP57: Vulnerability
RP58: The World
RP59: Empty Home
RP60: The Price We Pay




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