(I enter the War Room. It's been called a lot of things from meeting room to HQ room. It's where we plan our ops. Half the time I'm not a part of these meetings. Often, I am in the field doing the recon that helps with these sessions. Everyone, but Fallon and Eclipse are here. They are often the last to enter as they like to discuss things before talking to the rest of us. Ruen leans against a wall while watching everyone else in silence. She prefers to avoid whatever "discussion" ends up happening around Summer's behavior before things get started. Summer sits in a chair with her feet propped up on the large table in the center of the room. She'll be a pain in the ass like usual, until we start the actual op. Once that happens she's all business. It's the only time she's something resembling enjoyable. It's when she proves she's an asset. Vivian sits next to her with a 2 liter of generic grape soda. Half of our fridge is full of the stuff. She says it helps with her work. Work that is invaluable to us between the hacking, forging, and tech she provides. As she takes a drink Summer smacks her in the stomach causing Vivian to choke and sputter as the soda goes down the wrong pipe. Summer can't help herself as always, she laughs.)

Summer: Who has the drinkin' problem now?

(Apparently I missed the first half. Vivian sets down the soda as she continues choking and looking back at her attacker angrily. Her eyes watering. I decide to sit on the other side of the table, but towards the door. Fiona is on this side of the table a few chairs down. Sitting across from Summer.)

Fiona: That would still be you. Don't be jealous that her IQ is a couple hundred points higher than yours cavewoman.

(Those two argue constantly, but they spend a lot of their time together. They're both impatient, impulsive, and ill tempered in general. They also both have some issues with authority. Makes for an interesting friendship if you can call it that.)

Vivian: Would you grow up Summer? I mean really? Do you always have to be such an ass?

Summer: Hey Red, would you tell these two to put on their big girl panties for once?

(I really did not feel the need to be included in this. I just want to get whatever this mission is over with so I can get back to training. Eclipse has been different since she came out of her room. Since Angel reappeared. She's trained me less. Kept me further from my goal. It gives me too much time to think. I find myself filling with resentment. Find myself hating him for it. She's the one I should be angry with, but for some reason my hatred has shifted onto him. Is this part of how she created me or something else? I can't tell. How much of me is her? These are things I used to never wonder. I find it unsettling that they have been entering my mind at all. Against my better judgement I look over at Summer.)

Ember: Would agreeing with you make it more quiet in here?

(It wouldn't. The woman is walking chaos. To her any fight is a good fight. Whether it's with a friend or a foe. Whether it's important or meaningless. I think the only time she feels anything is if she's hitting someone. Doesn't matter who or why. If she isn't experiencing that she builds negative situations in order to possibly create it.)

Summer: Don't start gettin' all pissy on me. Live a little. Like Bitchy Smurf over there. She has fun. She...she does that one thing...wait what is it you do?

(Her words are towards Fiona. She looks up from an ipad game she started playing during the argument. Her words aren't angry. Just dry.)

Fiona: I fantasize about a world vodka shortage.

Summer: See, she does that. Fulfillin' stuff.

(Fiona immediately goes back to her game while Summer takes a swig of vodka at what can be best described as "at her". Oddly enough this is when an idea pops into my head. I can't believe I'm thinking this. At this point though, I need more than just the scraps Eclipse is tossing my way. I need some form of training to at least keep sharp. It won't gain me what I truly want, but it'll help keep me going. She likes to fight and hitting her wouldn't feel too bad.)

Ember: Do you want to start sparring with me after this op?

(I ignore the suprised looks that come from the rest of the room. She sets her bottle down and shrugs.)

Summer: Fuck it, why not Redster? It'll be a blast.

(Then it's my turn to be surprised.)

Ruen: I'll watch that.

(Vivian looks around like the world has gone crazy. She never gets the chance to reply as Fallon and Eclipse enter the room with coffee cups in hand. They both start to say something and look at each other. Fallon is still very used to being the one completely in charge from when Eclipse was away from us. Eclipse motions for Fallon to go ahead.)

Fallon: Alright, let's get going. Run it.

(Vivian picks up the clicker and puts a photo on the giant screen. It's an article about four bodies being found in Anchorage.)

Vivian: Last month four bodies were found in old town Anchorage in Earthquake park.

(Summer interrupts.)

Summer: Earthquake park?

Vivian: They put a park in the section of Anchorage that was destroyed by the 1964 quake. It was the second largest earthquake in recorded world history. It registered at 9.2 and sent tsunamis everywhere. Killed people here, Oregon, and in California. The world felt it.

Summer: Hmph, good name I guess. Not the most original, but whatever.

Vivian: Anyway, through a lot of digging we found a connection between the murders and drugs. A strange combination of chemicals were reported in their blood. From the looks of it someone was testing a new street drug. Organized crime may not exist in Anchorage because of...

(Because of the group that Eclipse's mother is second in charge of. They used to be called the Dark Assassins. Now you hear rumors that they are called the Kurayami. Between them, and the vast amount of criminally insane individuals in the city, the price of business tends to be too high and too dangerous.)

Vivian: ....well anyway it may not exist, but drugs very much do. I searched through tons of dummy companies to figure out who was buying these particular chemicals in large quantities. I came up with James Thomas Hill.

(His picture shows up on the screen over the article. Suit, tie, slicked back hair, and the smile of a shady lawyer. This guy is smart enough to create a drug? Doubt it. Probably just backing it financially.)

Fallon: Hill is experimenting on runaways. Using them to test his drugs. When they die he just discards them. We've got to stop him before he takes anymore victims.

(She's as emotionally invested as always. Any money we come up with will probably be used by her to help the families of the victims, or a charity for runaways. It's how she works. Most of us aren't wired the way she is. I'm not sure if that is for better or worse.)

Eclipse: Best place to hit him would be his home, but we're not going to do that. We need to take out his supplies, network, and chemists. Leaving any of it in play will only replace the head of the serpent. The whole body is rotted. The whole body must go. So we're gonna hit his lab while he's in it.

(Vivian pulls up a building schematic with two floors and multiple rooms. Weird set up for a lab. I would have expected a warehouse. Eclipse and Fallon split us off into groups for how we will enter. They lay out each group's function and where we will meet inside. Where we are most likely to encounter Hill. I'm paired with Fiona. We are to take out all opposition and destroy any drugs and documents we find. Fallon's group gets the test subject area. That makes sense to me. I don't bother to ask how they pieced this all together without me doing recon. Vivian is able to dig up a lot on the computer and Eclipse was gone the other night. Must have done the recon herself. My only concern at this point is doing what is set before me. Time to gear up.)

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