Chrimeny: And begin.

(Standing in the front of the room the woman is the center of attention as always. The room itself has green walls and is dimly lit by a lamp with a delicate floral pattern to it. The woman who just spoke stares forward with crystal, blue eyes that seem to dance with joy. Her long, curly, blonde hair is tied back, with a single strand hanging down in front of her face. She brushes the strand back with a white, gloved hand.

Her outfit is a business skirt-suit that would be considered conservative if it wasn't a bright pink color. White gloves and heels top it off. She stands in front of a podium with a black stick of some sort in hand. Her name is Chrimeny Christmas and what she's about to begin becomes obvious. Raising the stick she waves it slightly in the air. A click is heard and soon the sound of musical instruments melds into a beautiful symphony. Her lips at first are a straight line of concentration, but soon form into a warm smile that reveals her enjoyment of how her conducting is going. It isn't long before she is wildly waving the stick about in a more than excessive manner. The strand of hair immediately falls back in front of her face.

Just as the beautiful music begins to reach it's pinnacle the door next to her opens, breaking her concentration and happy smile. She stops waving the stick, but the orchestra continues to play perfectly. Stepping through the door is her friend/personal assistant, Daniel Donovan. He's dressed in a white dress shirt and black slacks. He immediate begins trying to talk over the orchestra,)

Daniel: Chrimeny I just got the information you re....

(He doesn't even get to finish his sentence as she makes a cutting motion across her throat with the stick and begins yelling at him right as the orchestra stops playing.)

You blunderer! How could you just walk in like that?! You have the timing of broken watch you big stupid meanie!. Didn't you see the sign on the door?

(He looks over to see a sign that says "Practicing" written in red crayon. Then his eyes return to his furious employer who has now grown extremely pouty.)

We've been practicing all day and we finally had it just the way I wanted it. Now I have to start all oooover. And why aren't you calling me Miss Christmas? Can't you see I'm conducting business?

(She stomps on the floor slightly at the end of her sentence. Sighing he looks over the room and doesn't manage to restrain from shaking his head at what he sees. Several chairs are perfectly arranged in the center of the room. In each chair rests a stuffed animal. There's quite the variety. Everything from seals to frogs are covered in this multi-species orchestra. Each one carries some kind of home-crafted, cardboard, musical instrument.

Of course in some ways this makes Daniel uncomfortable as he looks over many pairs of lifeless eyes staring at him. All he can think is that at least it isn't dolls. Those things are just creepy. He looks to the back to find Chrimeny's other friend/personal assistant, Lelani Faulkner holding a boom box with her finger resting above the play button. Now he knows where the music was coming from. Still Chrimeny is less than pleased with his interruption of her current "activity". He looks back at his pouty employer. Swallowing his pride, as he so often has to here, he apologizes. Still he can't manage to make it completely sincere.)

Ever so sorry Miss Christmas, but I have the information you requested earlier. I thought it was the top priority of the day.

(She sighs as loudly as possible.)

Well as you so often do, you thought wrong. If you weren't my friend I would have fired and rehired you more than the twice I already have this week.

(She pauses for a moment and presses a finger on both sides of the bridge of her nose for a moment and closes her eyes. Taking a deep breath she opens them again and looks back to her stuffed orchestra.)

Alright everyone let's take a ten minute break. That doesn't mean get up and loiter in the hallway either. I expect some kind of professionalism to be maintained. Now please excuse me.

(Lelani rolls her eyes in the background while Chrimeny steps out into the hall with Daniel. Can't have him discussing business amidst all those prying, stuffed ears afterall. She waves her stick as if to tell him to spit it out now. He is obviously less than thrilled about getting chewed out for interrupting what he considers to be her playtime. Though everything she does is playtime to him.)

Draco has posted the lineup for your first NEWA show. You are in the first match of the night against one Kaitlyn "Katie" Clark.

(Her angry, pouty expression shifts to a knowing smile.)

Well of course I'm in the first match. I'm what everyone wants to see afterall. Draco loves me. I'm sure he was walking around his office saying something like:

(She alters her voice in a funny manner as if trying to sound like Draco.)

I love that Chrimeny Christmas. She's the most talented, most beautifullest wrestler I've ever seen. We sure are lucky she decided to sign with us instead of someone else. She has to be the first one on the show or the crowd might get restless. Now if I could only steal her away for myself and bring her to my castle. We could be married and live happily ever after. It's just too bad that she's too good for me.

(Daniel removes his classes and cleans them so that he can restrain from shaking his head or rolling his eyes at her odd, self-important fantasies. He also somehow manages to mask the majority of his sarcasm in his reply.)

Oh, I'm sure that's exactly what he said.

(She nods in the affirmative, not noticing the bit of sarcasm that managed to bleed through in his words. Her mind is still in the clouds of what she believes is reality.)

Send Draco a fruit basket with a letter that says this:

Dear Draco,
I know you're pleased that I am gracing your humble organization with my wonderful presence. I'm sure you're aware that there will be poor people in the crowd. I'm sure you're also aware that all poor people are smelly criminals who need to be marched into happy camps and permanently removed from society. To protect me from these deviants make sure there is extra security during my match. I will not be accosted by the filth that is ruining this world. I look forward to the furthering of my goal to make this world a better place by wrestling in the NEWA. I'll be seeing you soon.

Sincerely the bestest wrestle chick ever,
Chrimeny Christmas

(With that she waves her wand towards the other end of the hallway in a dismissive manner before turning and stepping back into the room containing her stuffed orchestra. She claps her hands together to gather their attention.)