Diva? Ewwww!

(An expensive, modern clock strikes 1 in the afternoon. Seconds later a pair of double doors within the large house open to reveal a tired Chrimeny Christmas. Her usually glamorous, blond curls are dishevled while the manner in which her eyes squint reveals she has just gotten out of bed. A pink, silk bathrobe is tied tightly around her attractive curves. Slowly she stumbles down the stairs to huge, wooden table in the dining room and takes a chair.

Leaning forward she rubs her eyes sleepily as her other friend/personal assistant, Lelani Faulkner, enters the room with Starbucks coffee in hand. She sits in a chair off to the side of Chrimeny. Chrimeny swipes the cup from Lelani and immediately takes a large swig. She gasps afterwards and silently takes another long drink. Lelani stays quiet as she waits for the other woman to wake up. After a moment Chrimeny sets the cup down and looks over at Lelani grumpily. Holding a hand to her head tiredly she speaks.)

Chrimeny Christmas: It's all early and stuff. I should've slept in.

(Lelani shakes her head before responding.)

Lelani Faulkner: You have a lot you're supposed to do today. Along with the wrestling stuff you also should make an appearance at the office. You haven't gone to work there in a month.

(Chrimeny grits her teeth slightly as annoyance flashes across her features.)

Chrimeny Christmas: I don't have to go in all the time. I'm not a machine. Besides, Daddy hired the staff I need there. I can do that business stuff whenever I want.

(Sighing, Lelani tries to not even think about what she was just told. Chrimeny is so ridiculously irresponsible sometimes it's annoying. Still she's the boss so whatever. Might as well change the subject. Why continue further only to receive the ire of the woman she works for? A woman she wonders why she is friends with at times.)

Lelani Faulkner: So your buddy Bianca Autumn has been talking about you again. I think she really likes you.

(Chrimeny seems to wake up alot more at the mentioning of that name. Disgust crosses her smooth features.)

Chrimeny Christmas: She's not my buddy. Ewww. I mean c'mon, that's like gross. Why do some people continue to open their mouths? I mean are they just wanting to share their halitosis?

(She takes another sip of her coffee and starts to quietly enjoy her morning again when Lelani decides to mention something again. She can't help herself. Sometimes it's just fun to mess with Chrimeny.)

Lelani Faulkner: What was it she called you the other week? Diva wasn't it?

(Managing to restrain from spitting out her coffee, Chrimeny still almost chokes on it. She manages to swallow the robust beverage before grabbing a cloth napkin and wiping the corners of her mouth. Lelani sits back, secretly enjoying her handiwork. She knows how much Chrimeny dislikes that word.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Why do you have to say it? Haven't I explained to you enough what a disturbing word that is? I mean, seriously, it's just so, so yucky. Why would any self-respecting woman want to call herself something that people call Mariah Carey, Christina Whatchamacalla, and such? Diva has four letters, slut has four letters. It's not a big coincidence and stuff. I mean who wants to label themselves as a whore who doesn't bathe? That's so gross.

(For a moment she pauses and gets lost on what little real thought she has.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Whores who don't bathe. Diva must be a word that came from France. They have lots of that. God I hate dirty people. They should be marched into camps and run through a car wash or something. Course if they are poor and dirty we should save the money and just stone em or something. Poor people are nothing but evil criminals trying to hurt the world. I don't know why the world tolerates them. If I were in charge I'd solve this and....

(Shaking her head once more, Lelani listens as Chrimeny goes off on one of her more retarded tangents. One of these days maybe she'll have to live poor and see what it's actually like....yeah right. Chrimeny Christmas wouldn't survive two minutes of living on the streets poor. The woman can barely find her way around her own house.)