Who Would Be Friends With Her?!

(The room is tiled on both floor and wall. All white. There's almost a clinical ambiance to it. However it is far from being located within a hospital. Rather it's the pool room at the home of Chrimeny Christmas. The large pool is filled with crumbled bills of varying values. It's the kind of ridiculous excess only the deranged and wealthy could fully appreciate. Standing off to the side, fully dressed, is Lelani Faulkner. She's the unfortunate friend/personal assistant to the owner of this home. A towel is draped across her arm. She is silent. At this point the top of a snorkel becomes visible among the money in the pool.

Chrimeny pops up causing money to scatter. She wades through the cash and reaches the ladder to the pool. She climbs out of the shallow end. She wears a red, one-piece bathing suit, inflatable water wings, a pair of goggles, and the previously mentioned snorkel. She looks at Lelani while taking off the goggle and snorkel. She tosses them aside before walking over to the hot tub. It too is filled with wadded up cash. She climbs in and turns on the jets. Money blows all around within the tub and she giggles. Then she leans back to relax. Lelani moves over to a wall near the hot tub while Chrimeny enjoys bathing in money with jets blowing air and cash against her. After a couple of minutes Michael Donovan, her other friend/personal assistant, walks in and hands her a glass of orange juice. Chrimeny takes a sip and then speaks to him.)

Chrimeny Christmas: This is very relaxing you know. Oh, before I forget, I want you to deliver the gifts I got for Jackson, Fitz, and Holly. The watch is for Jackson. Being on time when you're my bodyguard is important to my survival. So he should have a Rolex just to be on the safe side.

(She thinks about the other two gifts and remembers them after a moment.)

Chrimeny Christmas: The backyard set is for Fitz. It's got a slip and slide, a kiddy pool, a croquet set, and a barbecue. The shoe store is for Holly. No woman should be without a lot of shoes. Of course before giving her the gift I kept the shoes I wanted from it. I already had all but two pairs anyway. She can run the store as a business or just use it to store her shoes. Whatever she wants. All the items are in a truck. The keys to the shoe store and the rolex are in envelopes with letters in the front seat. Go.

(He doesn't bother trying to talk to her about anything and just does as she says. She pays him well. She turns off the jets to the hot tub and after a moment the money stops blowing around. Lelani steps forward and holds the towel open for Chrimeny to wrap up in. Sure there's no water in the hot tub or pool, but some of the bills cling to Chrimeny's skin as she climbs out. Besides, it's classier to have a towel anyway. She's pretty sure. Chrimeny wraps up in the towel and the two women move over to two lawn chairs.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Did you take care of sending in the entrance music for Superiority Complex?

(Lelani nods as she answers. She restrains a smirk.)

Lelani Faulkner: Yes I did.

Chrimeny Christmas: I know I wasn't very specific. Last time I was I still didn't get what I want. That's why I gave you the job this time instead of Michael. So did you at least pick something happy like I asked?

(Lelani wants to laugh so bad, but she can't. Chrimeny would then bombard her with questions and the woman is already going to be mad enough when she hears the music she's going to come out to for tag matches. Oh it's "happy" alright. By Mudvayne. She may have just topped Michaels deliberate sabotage of Chrimeny's singles entrance music. If she did top it, he owes her $50.)

Lelani Faulker: Of course. I'm sure you'll be pleased.