Lack Of Direction

Chrimeny Christmas: I'm so bored. I mean really really really really bored.

(Chrimeny sits at the kitchen table in a pink bathrobe with matching pink slippers. Her head lays on the table. Her blonde curls are a mess. Apparently she's done nothing today due to her boredom. Lelani sits in an adjacent chair. Unlike Chrimeny she's fully dressed in designer jeans and a white blouse. She shakes her head as she watches the display her friend/boss is putting on. They've sat at this table for three hours so far.)

Lelani Faulkner: Chrimeny I'm sure there's plenty to do. Just pick something.

(At this point Chrimeny manages to get even more whiney.)

Chrimeny Christmas: But there's nothing to do. Why do bad things like boredom always happen to me?

(Lelani sighs in reaction. Maybe if she suggests something she can get her boss to stop whining and do something.)

Lelani Faulkner: We could watch a movie. I could get out a Disney movie or your favorite horror movie, The Birds. How bout we do that?

(Chrimeny seems to mull this over while practically dusting the table with her hair. After a long silence she finally answers with a question.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Will you make popcorn if we put on The Birds?

(Lelani restrains from laughing before answering while Chrimeny sits up finally.)

Lelani Faulkner: Sure.