Seal Of Approval

(The dim lighting of the room is enhanced by the methodical dance of the flickering of candles. A small, ornate table is the focal point of the room. The bright center to the universe of the room. In a chair on one side, wearing a flowing gown of pink, is Chrimeny Christmas. Her blonde curls are tied back with an elegant, diamond-encrusted clip. The classy flow of her makeup reminds one of the movie stars of old. On the table in front of her rests an expensive glass containing sparkling grape juice. She sips at it lightly as if it were wine. She smiles lovingly to the person across from her.)

Chrimeny Christmas: It's such a lovely evening. I'm so glad we decided to have this romantic dinner together.

(She listens to her dining partner's comments and nods knowingly. A smile of mock modesty plays at her features.)

Chrimeny Christmas: You are such a flirt. Of course flattery will get you everywhere kind sir.

(She takes another sip of the juice. It's at this point that Daniel walks in carrying one plate of food and sets it in front of Chrimeny. She looks at the chicken breast and rice in front of her and then back up at her assistant. Her happy expression begins to slowly fade.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Daniel, dinner looks great, but why is my date like lacking a plate?

(Daniel looks at her with a bewildered expression for a long moment. Then he turns and looks at her date. Sitting in the other chair, on top of a stack of pillows, is a stuffed seal wearing a graduation hat and a tuxedo. Mr. Sealy's lifeless eyes stare back at him. He rubs his eyes for a moment and sighs.)

Daniel Donovan: I'm not serving dinner to a stuffed seal.

(Chrimeny's features darken in reaction to his words. The sweet tone to her voice of earlier now gone.)

Chrimeny Christmas: You'll bring my date his dinner or you'll be sleeping outside tonight. I hope I make myself clear.

(Yeah she makes herself clear. He's far from in the mood for her childish antics tonight though. Maybe sleeping outside won't be the most uncomfortable experience.)

Daniel Donovan: I can live with that.

(It's at this point she loses it. She grabs her dinner plate and throws it against the wall. It breaks, sending both glass and food flying in a multitude of directions. Her date, the stuffed seal, stares blankly at the scene before him. Apparently he is unaffected by the woman's temper. She stands from her chair and points at Daniel.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Get the hell out of my house right now! Damnit! Now see what you've done? You've made me cuss. I hate you Daniel!

(Her tone grows more whiny each second.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Why do you have to ruin everything? Have I not been good to you? Is this how you repay my kindness?

(She sighs and waves a hand towards the door.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Just go away and leave me be.

(He gladly leaves the room though he's not sure if she expects him to sleep outside or not. Screw it, he's going to his room. Upset over the loss of her perfect evening she slumps in her chair in a pathetic manner.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Mr. Sealy I'm so sorry that our romantical dinner was ruined by Daniel's prejudices. I can't believe he's racist against stuffed seals. I had no idea. I hope you will forgive me for my lack of good help. I had the bestest of intentions for the evening.

(She pauses like she's listening to what he has to say. She appears to be very interested in his words. A feint smile pulls at the corners of her lips.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Well thank you. You are kind gentlemen and stuff. You know I wasn't sure I was going to go on this date with you. I mean you do work for me at the office. I normally make it a policy not to date people within my company. I'm glad I decided to though.

(She pauses again as if he's speaking to her. Her smile grows larger in reaction. It's at this point she becomes giddy with excitement.)

Chrimeny Christmas: Oh my gosh! Of course I would love to go on a carriage ride. I can't wait!

(Quickly she gets out of her chair and walks over and picks up the stuffed seal. It's at this point she remembers she is supposed to get ahold of her bodyguard/tag partner, Jackson Shaw.)

Chrimeny Christmas: We just have to make one stop at my office cause I like have to make one little phone call and then we can go on that carriage ride. You have the most fantasticest ideas.

(With that she carries the stuffed seal out of the room with her, leaving the candles burning.)