Poor Baby

Chrimeny: OWWWW!

Lelani: Chrimeny I didn't even touch your elbow.

(Chrimeny stands in the middle of the living room holding her elbow protectively. Her curly, golden locks are a mess. Once again it's well after noon and she's still in her pink nightgown. She glares at Lelani, who looks at her in annoyance.)

Chrimeny: Oh you liiiieee. I saw you, you elbow toucher you.

(Lelani shakes her head.)

Lelani: It doesn't matter if you saw it. It would only hurt if you felt it you dingbat.

(The childish, rich girl looks at Lelani in utter shock at what she just called her. How could she?! How dare she?! It takes her a minute just to compose herself.)

Chrimeny: Well some friend/helpy helperton you are. I don't know where I went wrong. First Daniel then you. What is this world coming to where a nice, caring girl like myself can't get treated right by her friends? I ask you now. I mean really.

(Lelani listens to the melodramatic tyrade of the spoiled brat and waits for it to end. Surprisingly it already has. Chrimeny hugs her injured elbow close to herself and walks past her assistant. She flops onto the couch.)

Chrimeny: Where's my tea?

(Sighing, the annoyed assistant replies.)

Lelani: Right in front of you on the table Chrime.

(Chrimeny's face turns red in reaction to the nickname. She semi-accidentally kicks the table, spilling the tea.)

Chrimeny: Don't EVER call me that! I am not an act of violence that's been committed! I will not be associated with criminalities! I help the world damnit!

Lelani: Riiiiggghhht.

(At this point Chrimeny is practically hopping up and down as she speaks.)

Chrimeny: I do! God!

(She exits the room and picks up the phone. Dialing a familiar number she whines into the phone as soon as it is answered.)

Chrimeny: Jackson my elbow hurts and everyone is being mean to me. Will you come over? We can play paper dolls again. You know you like it.