Friends Forever

(Chrimeny skips through her household like a young girl while humming to herself happily. In her hand she carries her beloved paperdoll of Bianca Autumn. As she passes by Lelani in the hallway she waves at her with a large smile on her face. After making her way down some stairs she finally stops in front of a chair surrounded by lights and a video camera. After sitting down and holding an almost silent conversation with the paper doll, she looks up at Daniel.

He knows it means she's ready to film. How does he know? She had him in a two hour meeting with her on just that subject. Yes that was all that was discussed. Why two hours? Because his employer is nuts. Shouldn't be that hard to figure out for anyone that has even heard of her. He pushes the button to record and stands back silently.)

Chrimeny: I've made this tape just for you Bianca. You see me and Bianca Doll came up with this idea.

(She waves the Bianca Doll towards the camera almost as if it is dancing.)

Chrimeny: Don't worry. It's not anything bad. We just felt that with each of us leaving SCW that maybe I should make you a going away present. What better way to commemorate our friendship than to make you a video to express my feelings. I mean we are best friends after all. How could I not give you something to remember me by? We may never see each other again after our match. I know you agree with me that that is truly a shame. Especially with all we've been through together. Like that one time...

(She trails off to think about all she and Bianca have been through together. The list is probably pretty short. The Bianca doll dances next to her ear and she looks over as if she is listening to what it has to say. After nodding, she speaks again.)

Chrimeny: I see your point Bianca Doll.

(Shrugging, she returns to speaking to the camera once more.)

Chrimeny: Bianca, Bianca Doll has brought up a rather unfortunate fact about our friendship. Our close bond. That being the fact of the problems you have exhibited. Your stalking of me. Your obsession with me. The violent outbursts resulting from your spurned advances. Please stop objectifying me Bianca. You're only hurting our friendship. Still I don't blame you my friend. It's just that you need help. After we leave SCW I'm gonna make some calls to wherever you go to make sure that you get the professional help you need. What are friends for right? I know you're hurting inside. I know that a sickness grows within you, but I'm your friend and I'll stick by you and help see you through these troubled times.

(She pauses for a moment and smiles in a manner that shows her pity for Bianca Autumn.)

Chrimeny: I mean you can't help the fact that you are a drug addicted psychopath can you? Of course not. No more than you can help the fact that your nightly activities include licking windows while watching people sleep. It's horribly sick and wrong, but it's not your fault. You're just wired wrong for living in this world. Oh why your beagle mother didn't euthanize you as a young pup I don't know. I guess we'll never know. She must have had her reasons though. I bet it was just that she loved you. Just like we all do. We only want what's best for you. So please, don't turn away my help. I can and will find you the best mental health facility available and I will spare no expense. That's the kind of good friend I am.

(The Bianca doll begins to move and Chrimeny does its voice as if it is actually talking.)

Bianca Doll: You are so great. You're the best friend a person could ever have. I love you. You're my hero. I know I'm a sadistic, raving lunatic who can't keep her pants on in public, but I will accept your help and go recieve treatment at a mental health facility. Thank you Chrimeny and God bless you.