My Daily Entry

Dear Diary,

It's me know me. Chrimeny Christmas. You know, I write in you daily. I write my complaints about the world in you forcing you to pay attention to every word. Oh and sometimes I write nice stuff too. Do you remember? Okay good. As long as we're on the same page here. Okay so today I brought Mr. Sealy (my stuffed animal seal), to the locker room. I figure if Fitz can have a piece of taxidermy I should feel free to bring my plush friends from home. Jackson seemed pleased that I left my Bianca Autumn paper doll at home. Which reminds me I need to make new paper dolls for all the new people I'm meeting. I bet Jackson will want to play paper dolls with me again...Though he didn't seem real happy about me taping it the last time. Whoops.

Speaking of Jackson, I also made sure to inform him today that not only is he my bodyguard but he must protect Mr. Sealy while he was visiting our locker room. It wouldn't do to have some no good baddy attack my poor little seal. A seal who's only crime is being a smooth talking cutie. That is one suave little seal I tell you. Jackson seemed not completely pleased about the new addition to his duties so I had Mr. Sealy do a dance. I'm pretty sure it won him over. Though I think he has a cold because he was clearing his throat a lot while talking about it.

From there I put on the Princess Bride. Jackson wanted to watch some horribly violent film with graphic sex scenes called Austin Powers. I told him I don't watch today's movies. They're filth. I stick with Disney and old stuff. I think that's wise. I think Princess Bride was good for him. Next time I think we'll watch Rainbow Brite. He'll love it. If he doesn't like it then he'll love it because I pay him very good wages and want him to love it. Aren't we a great team? I think so.

Well it's about time for me to go yell at one of assistants again. I know they appreciate my stern guidance. How could they not? I"m so loveable.

Bye Diary,

Chrimeny Christmas

The bestest wrestle chick ever and nicest person around