Kiss Me, Kill You

(Chrimeny sits in her room. A pink nightgown with matching slippers adorning her attractive frame. She can't get the incident off of her mind. Russ Hauer ruined everything. Her first kiss was supposed to be special. It was supposed to be magical. He took that all from her. It was the only first kiss she'd ever have and stole it from her. He robbed her of what was supposed to be one of the most important moments of her life. A tear runs down her pouty face. There's only one thing she can do now. Her face contorts into anger. Cheeks flush with red. In her mind the heat from her anger causes the tear to evaporate from her face. She has to make him pay. Unfortunately she no longer has a blowtorch so she can't fix him like she did the things around her last mansion. That was a good time. Time to write in her diary. Get some of this stuff out. Then she can go off to sleep and dream of the torture that must be inflicted upon that horrible, horrible Hauer guy.)

Dear Diary,

It's me again, Chrimeny. The person you love to have write in you everyday. I know you love me diary. Everyone does. Apparently some people love me too much though. I talked to my lawyers about filing a sexual harassment suit against Russ "I need a shower" Hauer, but they informed me that with my possibility of charges being raised against me by the fire department that I may not get anywhere legally. So I paid off the fire chief. Problem solved. I knew he'd see things my way. He just needed to not be poor so that he could understand I was the victim in the whole fire thing. After that I could have pushed for legal action, but I've decided to take care of this problem myself. He'll pay. Even if I have to throw a six hour tantrum to get my way.

Today was an okay day, I guess. I had a tea party with some of my little friends. The only bad thing abotu that was Scruffy and Battle decided to sit next to each other. There's something strange going on there. I don't like it. Fitz sent Scruffy to me even though Scruffy and I don't really get along. Battle, well, she's an untrustworthy little bat. I think it's no longer just the stuffed bat plotting against me now. I think she's brought Scruffy into her plans. I think they are out to get me. I've got to be careful. So now I have some of my other animals watching me while I sleep. Of course Mr. Sealy is the best one. He cuddles with me to sleep. He'll protect me.

Fitz and Holly were talking about coming to Arizona, but I don't know if they are going to be able to now. I hope they can. I miss them. At least I have Wonder though. He's a good friend too. He's always sending me such nice things. I still can't thank him enough for the blowtorch. My assistants said they'd just love to thank him for that personally. I get the impression they might not have been real sincere about that. They had odd tones in their voices. Oh well.

Then there's my other friend, Bianca. I've sent her a few things over the last month here. I think she's enjoyed them. I heard she watches the copy of the Little Mermaid I gave her alot. That's good. I like that one. I should send her a copy of my favorite horror movie, The Birds. That movie is so scary. It'd probably scare the pants off of her. Problem is I don't think she wears clothing often enough. That's okay though. I think she's been doing better than she used to. Too bad that dirty Alicia girl is such a bad influence on her. Her and her black chest hair. Yucky. There should be laws against girls like her.

Let's see, what else did I do today? I watched cartoons. I played dress up. Oh and I played croquet in the house. That was fun. Apparently Leslie wasn't too happy since I played it in her room and broke some special glass thing her mom gave her on her death bed or something. It's just stuff. I can buy her another one. What's the big deal? People overreact I swear. Bunch of drama queens or something.

Anyway I'm getting tired and I've got to do some training tomorrow. So I'll get up sometime after noon and start in. That Russ jerk is so gonna pay I tell you.

Your literary hero,

Chrimeny Christmas
the bestest wrestle chick ever

I own you diary, love me.