Poor Me

(It's been another long day for the assistants at the mansion of Chrimeny Christmas. Ever since her loss to Russ Hauer she's been even more unbearable and pathetic than usual. For the second full day in a row she lays in bed. Bandages cover every part of her body but her face. She wasn't even injured. She's just fine. Well, fine for Chrimeny. Unfortunately for her assistants she's got it in her head that she is badly hurt and in pain. Good luck getting her to see reality. They've never managed it before. Chrimeny does her best to look dramatically sick and weary. Sitting in a chair across from her bed is Daniel Michael Donovan, assistant extraordinair. Unfortunately Chrimeny has determined he is Nurse #2 today. Luckily he talked her into letting him wear pink scrubs rather than the pink nurse's outfit with matching skirt that the other assistant, Lelani is forced to wear. Man does he ever hate the color pink after his years of servititude to Chrimeny. He's been listening to her whine for awhile now. Finally he is saved when Lelani Faulkner walks in with a tray of health foods. Chrimeny perks up instantly before remembering that she's supposed to be all hurt and sad. She corrects herself quickly and goes back to looking pathetic. She speaks softly in a dramatic tone as if relaying her dying wish.)

Chrimeny: I want a sip of orange juice.

(Lelani and Daniel both roll their eyes. Normally Chrimeny would flip out if she saw it. That's what they are hoping for. Then her little charade of needing 24 hour medical care would end. Somehow though their employer manages to restrain her anger and not react to. Lelani takes the glass of orange juice and has to put the straw into Chrimeny's mouth for her. Chrimeny takes a meager sip before coughing in the hammiest of manners. As if her system can't even handle the strenuous activity of drinking something. If this keeps up her assistants may end up killing her in her sleep. Maddening. The orange juice is set aside and Chrimeny starts talking again in a manner that makes it seem like she's re-enacting a death bed scene on a soap opera.)

Chrimeny: The doctor told me I was fine. I know he was lying. He must have took you aside and told you the truth and stuff. So like what's his real diagnosis? How long do I have?

(That's it! Lelani can't take this anymore. She's normally more patient with Chrimeny than Daniel is, even if she is often more blunt with their employer than would be advised.)

Lelani: This is ridiculous Chrimeny! The doctor said you were fine. He was more worried that you were a lunatic, or at least a hypochondriac. You aren't dying!

(Chrimeny appears unphased by the outburst. No flash of anger. No tantrums. Nothing.)

Chrimeny: It's sweet of you to try to make me feel better. Like everything's okay. You're a true friend.

Daniel: You really aren't dying.

(She appears to mull this over for a long moment.)

Chrimeny: Okay, I believe you. I can accepts I'm not dying and stuff.....but I just hope I will someday be able to walk again. Darn my being paralyzed by that no good baddy.

(Lelani screams in frustration.)

Lelani: Oh my god!

(With that she storms out of the room, unable to deal with this rich, childish, nutcase any longer.)