Fashionable Dining

Chrimeny: So I like totally remembered this designer name and he upgraded me to a better room.

She skips around the room happily while her assistants both shake their heads. She's already told them the same story four times today. She stops skipping for a moment and a big smile forms on her face. In her excitement the volume of her voice goes up involuntarily.


The two groan in anticipation of how she might want to celebrate this oh so joyous of occasions. Their enthusiasm is less than lackluster. This whole Boyd deal has been an up and down experience for them. On the plus side it's kept Chrimeny out of trouble. In the negative coloumn, they've been very busy and it's been exhausting.

Daniel: How do you propose we celebrate?

Really he's afraid to ask as it will probably mean more work for him, but he knows there's no changing her mind when it's made up. She jumps up and down happily.

Chrimeny: I think we should do something nice for Mr. Plate.

Daniel and Lelani perk up some while looking at each other. This should be interesting.

Lelani: Well what should we do for him. I mean he's done so much for us.

The niceness dripping from her voice is slightly over the top. Not that Chrimeny notices.

Chrimeny: Uhmmm....

The question apparently stumps the Pretty Pretty Princess Champion. Her lips scrunch up and curl as she hosts an internal debate on the subject in her mind. Then as if a lightbulb turned on in her head she jumps up and down again.

Chrimeny: I'll make him dinner!

The bewilderment in their eyes is obvious.

Daniel: Uhm, Chrimen...

She cuts him off quickly as her eyes flash with anger.

Chrimeny: You know you are to call me Miss Christmas, you big turkey head!

Not this again. Daniel and Lelani are paid assistants, this much is true. They are also her only friends. To them the payment is for a job, but also an annoyance fee. Daniel sighs, but decides to avoid one of her infamous tantrums.

Daniel: Sorry...Miss Christmas.

He swallows his pride and stores it with the rest of his frustration over dealing with her for years.

Chrimeny: That's better. Now what were you saying before you caused yourself to be interrupted?

He grits his teeth for a moment before continuing like the incident never happened.

Daniel: I was just going to point out that you can't cook.

Chrimeny: Sure I can.

He sighs as he knows he's going to have to try and get through to her. Never an easy task.

Daniel: You've never cooked anything in your life.

She blows off his words with a wave of her hand.

Chrimeny: Is that all? Don't worry about it. Just cause I've never done it doesn't mean I can't. I'm the bestest cooker person ever. I've just never shown it.

Wow. Uhm okay. This should be interesting.

Daniel: Riiiiight...

Chrimeny: That's right. Besides how hard could it be? Now let's do it peoples! Get me like some ingrediant thingies. This is gonna be so awesome. Like so awesome that awesome would find it awesome.

With that the aspiring chef, or bestest cooker person ever, begins her journey into the world of the cullinary arts. A couple hours, and several small kitchen fires, later it's all done. Wearing a pink apron, covered in the ingrediants used to make the meal, she sets it all up on the table before making a plate for Nathan Boyd. She covers the plate with a one of those metal dining cover things. A knock sounds on the door. She jumps up before the assistants can answer it and throws the door open with way too much enthusiasm. Standing there is the "Fashionplate" himself, Nathan Boyd. He notices the smell of some sort of cooking and looks at her in the apron. Before he can point out the lack of style to the messy apron she is pushing him over to chair excitedly.

Chrimeny: I made you dinner! I worked really really really...really hard on it. Please, sit down Mr. Plate sir.

He finds himself at a crossroads. Most of him wants to berrate her to point out her lack of style in dress as well as her slaving over a hot stove, but the rest of him almost feels bad for her having gone through all this trouble. He decides to humor her....for the moment. He places the cloth napkin on his lap after sitting down.

Boyd: Chrimeny, you really shouldn't have.

It's the only thing he could muster to say that would be positive. She lifts the cover off of his plate revealing three burned shrimp, some hard rice in a green sauce with chunks, and a very black looking steak that has somehow been placed inside a sheet of jello. His stomach gets queasy just looking at it.

Boyd: really shouldn't have.

She is obviously very excited about having cooked for him. He's about to voice his objections when she blurts out more.

Chrimeny: I wanted to celebrate moving into the better room so I thought I'd cook you a thank you dinner. Don't be shy. Eat up buttercup.

A bead of sweat forms on his forehead. She stares at him wide eyed, eagerly anticipating his first bite. The assistants watch with their own version of anticipation. Both of them hoping to see him actually try to eat this insanity. Instead he stands up while trying to choose his words carefully.

Boyd: Though I appreciate the gesture, I feel I have to point out a few things. You doing this is very much beneath you. From now on if you want to make somebody dinner I would advise you to use a caterer. This is...

Though his words are hurtful to her she interrupts him without a tantrum. She jumps up and looks around the room.

Chrimeny: Uh oh! My Chrimeny sense is tingling.

Everyone stops even thinking about the dinner and looks at her puzzled.

Boyd: Your...Chrimeny sense was it?

Chrimeny: Yep it warns me of danger and stuff. I was totally born with it.

Daniel can't help but interject himself into the conversation.

Daniel: Why have we never heard of it?

Chrimeny: Duh! It's like so one of my super secret power deals. I can't just go around announcing it.

Daniel: Like you just did, you mean?

Chrimeny: Exactly. Try to keep up Daniel. Sheesh.

Boyd turns towards the door. He's had enough. When she's ready to be semi-sane again he'll talk to her.

Chrimeny: Where are you going? I just told you about the danger lurking somewhere you knows.

Boyd: I'm going somewhere safer.

She thinks about this and determines it to be a good idea.

Chrimeny: Makes sense. What about my dinner?

Boyd: What if it's the danger?

So he won't be eating the dinner. No one will be saying his heart grew three sizes that day. Nope, they sure won't. With that he leaves.

Chrimeny: Did you two get bad ingredriantals?

Sighs fill the room from both assistants.

Chrimeny: My dinner is so ruined! I would be so very very very angry with all of you....but I'm not.

Collective surprise registers on the assistants' faces.

Chrimeny: You know why? Huh huh huh? I'll tell you sillies why. I heard Bianca Autumn is back!

Oh no. They don't need this now. Her obsession with Bianca bothers them more than any of this stuff with Boyd. They'd been trying to hide the fact that they'd heard this rumor.

Daniel: What makes you think that?

Chrimeny: My Chrimeny sense completely told me and stuff. It's never wrong. Nope nope. I so need to get ahold of her. I know she's missed me. She is my number one bestest fan after all. I sure hope that hairy chested tag partner of hers isn't trying to keep us from talking again. Bianca loves me.