With a loud sigh Chrimeny tosses her My Little Pony coloring book aside hastily. Her lips contort in a weird manner as she internally debates what she feels like doing yet. Rise or Fall has been on her mind since she and Freedom Kid failed to pick up the Tag Team Titles she feels they so rightfully deserved. Though most of her bruises have healed at this point she is covered in bandages. Almost to the point of looking like a living mummy. Not one of these bandages is necessary. To her they are. She's spent everyday since the ppv whining about her pain. Even long after it has subsided. When she's wrestling it's one of the few times she seems capable of maintaining any form of focus on what she's doing. She's not as hindered by her flawed personality or lack of true sanity. Nothing showed that more than her solid performance at the ppv. For once it was almost like she was a real person. As soon as the match had ended she immediately reverted to her ridiculous nature. Though her assitants notice the difference, she is as always, oblivious. Her whining has been pretty much nonstop since the match ended. Along with multiple incidents of her appearing to almost be physically handicapped as she acted completely helpless. To the point where her assistants were having to hold her juiceboxes up to her face each time she wanted a drink.

There has been no living with her. She is finally coming out of this latest phase. If one can call a phase something that happens everytime she gets a tiny bruise. This one was just worse than it normally is. Any major pain she experiences brings about her being a major pain herself. Not that she needed the help. Eventually she settles on a new activity. She grabs a pen and a piece of paper and sets them down on a little round table. It's a table designed for children. It's her favorite one to use for tea parties and playing with plato. She talks outloud to herself as she prepares to write.)

Chrimeny: Gotta have a title. A person doesn't know what they're writing till there's stuff at the top of the page telling them what to write. It's common sense and stuff. Like duh. I know!


What I Learned At Rise And FALL

1. PDA Title matches have nothing to do with affection. I have avoided anything related to that title because I was worried kissing would be involved. I already had my first, and only, kiss stolen by a jerk opponent in the ring years ago. I didn't want that to happen again. The whole minute or so of the PDA Title match I watched showed me it had nothing to do with that. Thank god right? No one wants to see Evila Cruz kiss ol plastic face in the ring. Gross. Also gross...PDA matches. Yuck.

2. Fatal 4ways are way better when someone comes out and says funny stuff before the match. Tarice Gibson did his job as a servant by preparing everyone for the entrance of El Tonsil Azer.

3. Jessie Wiliams can almost do a superkick. I was surprised too. He's still no Greggers.

4. Guys would rather superkick a girl in the face than give her a gift. Not cool. I was going to talk to Moxie after, but I got really busy tying my boots. Totally hope she's okay.

5. Being the Batprincess hurts. A lot. How come in that movie Batman never says "owie"? Hollywood is so fake.

6. Refer to #5. I have hung up my cowl and cape for now. One day when a city needs me, and I'm not busy, I'll like return and stop crimes and stuff.

7. Moonsaults off of platforms are really fun. Super fun even. Until you land. Then they are really not fun. I had to do it though. FK needed me.

8. Redemption is a jerk.

9. Redemption is still a jerk.

10. Adam Wilson is half a person. Unfortunately that half kicks people in the head. Not cool. Not cool at all. Half a jerk.

11. Freedom Kid is totally in love with me. It's understandable. I'm glad we're a secret couple. It's also why we're going to keep being a tag team. I mean, I didn't talk to him about it, but I completely decided we are gonna keep tagging. Now I have to decide on a super cool tag team name to show how awesome I...I mean we are. I'll inform him of my decisions soon. He'll be super thrilled.

12. I don't like losing. Okay, so I didn't really learn that at the show. I've never liked it. Still, I like pointing out how much I hate to lose. It's not okay. Redemption and Amanda Wilson are icky dirty cheaters. How else can my loss be explained? Exactly. I only lose when someone cheats. I'm the bestest.

13. Pledge is still smells funny.

14. I need to buy an arena and make OWF put on a show at it. If it's my arena I can control the rules of the show. Chrimeny Christmas presents OWF presenting The Chrimeny Christmas Super Show in Chrimeny Christmas Arena starring Chrimeny Christmas and some other people who aren't Chrimeny Christmas. Has a nice ring to it. I need to bug CJ about this. There would be a parade before the show and everyone would have to do what I say. It's my arena, my rules. If you want your own rules get your own arena.

I probably learned some other stuff, but I'm getting bored of making this list. My bandages come off tomorrow. I'm super happy to be almost better. Dr. Moosell is the greatest plush doctor ever. Okay I'm done with this list. It's time to go figure out my Halloween costumes. I can't wait to trick or treat. It's the best. Bye bye list. See you later.