Chrimeny: Did you really think you would get away with it? Did you?

(She receives no response to her rather demanding question directed towards the occupant of the chair in front of her.)

Chrimeny: Nothing to say for yourself? I took you in. I provided for you. This is how you repay me. I am sickened and stuff.

(It's frustrating to her that she still continues to get no response. Still, she manages not to throw a tantrum.)

Chrimeny: Fine. Have it your way. For the crime of admiring Greg's super flawed kick, I hereby banish you from the house.

(In the chair sits a stuffed frog. It totally seems super sorry for what it has done wrong and stuff. She picked up Hoppy and walks to the back door.)

Chrimeny: Maybe a night outside will make you think about what you've done.

(She opens the door and tosses the frog past the porch. It lands and rolls in the grass before coming to a stop. Where she lives there is no snow. It would almost be ironic with her name being Christmas, but that's not really what irony means Alanis Morissette.)

Chrimeny: I'll check on you in the morning to determine if you've learned your lesson you backstabby frog you.

(She doesn't like the idea of leaving one of her plush friends out there. Soon it'll be cold and dark and her Hoppy will be all alone in it. She takes a look back at him. Sadness filling her features. She wants to just forget the whole thing and let him back in the house. She can't though. No one should think nice things about Greg Jackson. That's just wrong. With a heavy heart she heads inside before shutting and locking the door. The lock is too quiet for her tastes so she makes some kind of sound effect for the sound of the lock in an overly dramatic effort to add weight to what has just happened. She steps over to an intercom built into the house and presses the button.)

Chrimeny: No one is to unlock the back door or let Hoppy back inside. Doing so will mean you will join him on the lawn for the evening. That is all.

(Satisfied her message has reached the household she let's go of the button and moves to step further into the house. Unfortunately another voice responds to her message.)

Daniel: Who is Hoppy?

(She frowns at his stupid question.)

Chrimeny: Really Daniel? Really?

(The tinny sound of his voice coming through the intercom is heard again.)

Daniel: Uhm...yeah. No idea who that is.

(She pinches the bridge of her nose between her forefinger and thumb and closes her eyes a moment. She decides it would be less annoying to not explain it.)

Chrimeny: You know what? Just don't unlock or open the backdoor or let anyone or anything inside it. How bout that?

Daniel: So open the backdoor and let Hoppy in? I'll be right up.

(His being wrong is actually hurting her head. She restrains from flipping out, but presses the button again before speaking in a tone laced with venom.)

Chrimeny: No...Don't open the backdoor. Don't let Hoppy in. In fact don't come upstairs. Problem solved.

(That should do it.)

Daniel: Come upstairs and retrieve your stuffed frog from the backyard. If you'd stop talking I could come up and take care of that for you.

(She begins stomping her foot in frustration.)

Chrimeny: No! Just stay downstairs and don't do anything.....wait how did you know Hoppy was a stuffed frog? You asked who Hoppy was at the beginning of this.

Daniel: Oh so Hoppy is a stuffed frog? You could have just told me that from the start.

(She hits the intercom once before restraining herself and pushing the button again.)

Chrimeny: You apparently already knew.

Daniel: Knew what?

Chrimeny: That Hoppy is a stuffed frog you idiot!

Daniel: He is? Good to know. Should I come get him from the backyard?

(She can no longer contain herself. She stomps and screams in a crazed rage before running and slamming herself against the dining room table. She grabs everything on it and throws the items across the room. In the background a voice can be heard.)

Daniel: Hello? Guess she didn't want any help.