(Seattle, Washington

It's a cool, clear winter's eve. The financial district is particularly desolate during these late hours. The only people still in offices are the workaholics, adulterers, and the shady businessmen making use of unethical practices. Just on the edge of this district is a building much smaller than those that surround it. It houses a now fastly rising, law firm. Standing only five stories tall, it is far from the imposing visages that make up most of the district. A light glows from a window on the far right corner of the top floor. Out on the street, in front of the building, a street lamp illuminates the front walkway. This lamp is about the only active thing on the street this evening.

The glass, front doors swing open breaking the serenity of the unoccupied streets. A figure steps through them and casually walks out, laughing sickly. The laughing woman's twisted, violet eyes survey the street. Her brunette hair hangs down onto her long, white coat. Everything she wears is white, including a pair of steel-toed boots. In contrast to the light color, blood spatters cover a significant portion of her clothing. A white-handled katana rests on her back. The only items on her that aren't white are the black buckle on her belt and the black glove that covers her left hand. The glove holds a dark, green bag that seems to have a dark liquid soaking through it. She walks away from the building, her laughter following like a trail behind her.

Once she's further down the sidewalk a thunderous sound fills the air. The ground shakes violently as flames, black clouds of smoke, and debris fill the air. The debris tears through everything in the surrounding area. Her laughter warbles slightly in reaction to the explosion. Her stride never breaks. Let the authorities dig through that mess to find the pieces of six headless bodies. By the time they find anything her bank account will be larger and she'll be somewhere else. After half a mile she reaches an unremarkable sedan and tosses the bag in the trunk. Time to drop off this package. Six more evil men have been removed from the Earth tonight.

Before getting into the car herself, she stops to look back at the smoke-filled sky. Predictably wailing sirens cut through the night air. Time to go. She climbs in and drives towards the drop she established with her client through her handler. A half hour later the sack is dropped into the specified dumpster. Her phone vibrates against her leg as she climbs into the car. Pulling out, she answers it. Her voice is soft, but hard.)

Woman: What do you have for me Holden?

(He hesitates slightly before speaking in a nervous manner. It's obvious the woman makes him uncomfortable.)

Holden: Ruen, glad I got you. I've been contacted by a client we've never worked with before.

(Ruen shakes her head as if he could see before replying in a disinterested tone.)

Ruen: You know I don't like taking on new clients. I hope you looked into their background before wasting my time with this call.

(She opens her glove box and pulls out a poorly hand-rolled cigar. She sticks it between her teeth and lights it.)

Holden: I can't find anything on this person. Normally I would have just told them you were booked solid, but...

(She cuts him off.)

Ruen: But what? What have I told you? I only work for certain people. I only kill people that deserve it. If we don't know anything on the client then we can't trust them.

(He sighs slightly before trying to explain it to her.)

Holden: If you'd let me finish you'd understand why I brought this to your attention. The job is Alaska based. They're offering a ridiculous amount.

(She puffs on her cigar as thoughts of Anchorage fill her head. Her last time there was when her hand was burned. There's nothing but freaks, lunatics, psychos, and monsters prowling the streets at night there. Maybe this time there will be a real target and not a trap designed to kill her. They'd have to offer a large amount for her to go near that area again. With resignation in her voice she responds.)

Ruen: Who's the target?

(He blurts the name out immediately.)

Holden: Her name is Eclipse.