Who are you?

(Sitting in a tree, I watch Eclipse through the high-powered scope of a rifle. I don't intend to shoot her. I prefer my kills to be up close and personal. I also prefer that those I kill deserve to die. I puzzle over the identity of the woman I watch and wonder why there's a contract on her. Time to recount what I know about her so far. Her father is a famous wrestler named Darkstar whose trademark is viciousness and bloodshed. Depending on who you talk to he's evil or not. All agree he's a savage beast who delights in pain...whether inflicted on himself or others. Though it appears he has some kind of code of honor. What that code is is not wholly decipherable. Since he has stopped wrestling it is said he hasn't left his delapidated mansion in Anchorage in a very long time.

Her mother, Andrea Raven, was second in command of a female terrorist organization called the Dark Assassins. Not much is known about them. From what I've heard they specialize in murder. The kinds of jobs they take vary from corporate to political to personal. What's unknown is how they contract their jobs, who is in their organization, what their numbers are, and where they are located. I can't even find a trace of anyone connected to them other than Darkstar, Andrea, and Darkstar's ex, Chill. Chill dropped off the radar years ago. What I do know is that it was reported that Andrea Raven is dead. Yet I've found out she's recently resurfaced. Wonder how she managed that. She's known to be a psychopath with a bad temper and a cruel streak that knows no bounds. If I was contracted to kill her I wouldn't be spending my time doing recon the way I have with Eclipse.

As far as Eclipse goes there's less information on her than anyone I've ever been hired to destroy. Prior to two years ago there is zero information on her. No one has seen or heard of her since before she popped up in Anchorage then. She's a ghost. There is no record of her anywhere. Even my government contacts came up empty. Either she's got deeper connections than me or she's managed to never leave a paper trail in her life. Not even a birth certificate. Normally when I find someone with so little info on them it's because they are in my profession. Still, even people in my profession often have a classified military record or some kind of FBI file on them.

The information that is there on her is that she participated in underground fights run by organized crime in Anchorage and is now a wrestler. When in a fight she displays a lack of self-control and a mentality of brutality. Outside the ring she appears very different. She's quiet, insecure, and reclusive. She has no known friends. The only people she contacts is her parents, and that is sporadic at best. The only violent thing I've seen from her outside the ring is the way she trains. She pushes herself to extremes that tend to cause as much damage to items as they do pain to her.

On top of that she actually blogs online about her own issues. Usually something about how she doesn't want to end up like her parents. End up as a monster. It's that part that makes me wonder about whether she deserves an end at my hands. What does she mean by all of this? How many lives could be threatened? Are these just the thoughts of a lost girl or is there something more literal to them? I can't figure it out. Something feels very wrong about this whole thing though.

Being contacted by a practically anonymous client that is putting a contract out on a target who almost nothing is known about strikes me as funny. What else is odd is that there's far more known about her parents than her. So my newest client really can't be trusted. The logical side of me knows I should just walk away from this job and forget everything about it, but for some reason I'm compelled to find out what the hell is going on. My phone vibrates against my waist snapping me out of my thoughts. If I was any closer to my target I would have the damn thing off. I'm at a good distance though and I need any information I can get. I turn it on and adjust my headset slightly. Being hands free is always a plus. I hear the familiar voice of my "office man", Holden.)

I did some checking on our newest client. Every piece of info they gave us leads to a dead end. You start at one corporation and it takes you from subsidiary to subsidary to holding company. You can't find one name in any of it that's actually a real person. They really don't want anyone to know anything about them.

(I grimace in reaction to his words. This does nothing to bring me any comfort. This job is looking shadier by the second.)

Anything else Holden?

(I continue watching through my scope at Eclipse. She's in the kitchen making tea once again. It's like she lives off of that and water.)

Nothing else yet.

(I sigh in frustration.)

Well keep looking.

(I'm just about to hang up when he speaks again. This time in a worried manner. He gets real jittery when things aren't going smooth.)

You're getting out of there right? Tell me we're just sending a message to the client saying we're turning down the job.

(There's definitely desperation in his voice. This whole thing has him spooked. I'm not surprised. Things are looking pretty shady right now. We may be getting caught in the middle of something we shouldn't.)

Not yet. I've gotta know what's going on. You are correct though. Something is definitely off here.

(He's quick to point out something I already know.)

I've got a bad feeling about this.

(Becoming slightly lost in thought I reply in a quiet manner.)

Me too...