(I look through the windshield as we turn a corner at high speed. I grip the handle to the door hard and barely realize I'm gritting my teeth. Ruen's driving is in control, but damn it sure doesn't feel like it. I see our destination. Just as we start up the road I see him. A burly, dirty man stands in front of the door to a house. His stance reveals him to be a less than friendly visitor to the residence. I yell to Ruen even though she's right next to me.)

There he is!

(She cranks the wheel to the right and hits the brakes next to a curb just adjacent from the house. I watch as the large, beast of a man breaks in the door, while I try to free myself from the trappings of a seatbelt. Ruen's already out and running towards the man. I hear a woman scream as I get out of the car and follow Ruen. Quickly she reaches the man while removing her sword with deceptive ease. Her movement is fluid as she thrusts it forward. I come up behind her just in time to see the sword shoved through the large man's back. A surprised noise of pain escapes his lips, sounding almost like an urk. Her flat stomach begins to jiggle, her chest seeming to almost vibrate as a sound moves upwards through her body. It starts out quiet and low as her mouth opens. A look of ferocious delight crosses her features and fills her violet eyes as wicked, maniacal laughter spills forth from her.

Then without warning she twists the sword inside him and rips it upwards. The sound of folded metal tearing through bone fills my ears. The sound is accompanied by a fleshier, squishier noise. Blood pours out of his dirty black as if a faucet is turned on. All the while she continues laughing like a crazed freak lost in some kind of demented hysteria. Part of me wants to feel revulsion over both the killing and the laughter. As much as I want to believe that's all I feel, it's not true. As disturbing as all of it is there's a part of me that's enjoying every bit of it. I watch as she rips the sword out of his back at an angle. It opens up his back in a gruesome manner, exposing torn flesh, hunks of muscle, and pieces of bone.

He drops to the floor, just in the entryway of this home. A stream of blood shoots up from his back right after his body lands on the floor. His destroyed heart's last pump most likely. Ruen's laughing fit begins to quickly subside to a low, almost warble as she calmly steps on the man's neck while entering the residence. Her violet eyes looking over the occupants as I try to silently step in behind her. I'm careful not to step in any of the blood...or on the corpse that was rampaging just a minute ago. Ruen steps over to a horrified man and woman in the house. Wait, I recognize him. I stare at him in disbelief. Angel.)


(His expression mirrors mine for a moment before frustration and confusion take over. He's quick to speak.)

Me?! What do you mean me?! What the fuck are you doing here?!

(Behind him a woman I don't know falls to her knees. She's upset, may even be in shock. She doesn't sound too good as she speaks while sobbing into her hands.)

Please God...someone t-t-tell me what's g-g-going on.

(Poor girl. She's gonna have a hard time processing this. I would step over to check how she's doing, but she doesn't appear hurt and I wouldn't know how to comfort her really. I look back up at Angel while Ruen wipes her sword off on the back of the dead man's pants before sheathing it.)

Following a lead to something important. I don't know all the details. Ask her.

(I motion towards Ruen with my head. He looks between us while beginning to pace. It's obvious he's having a hard time wrapping his mind around the situation. So far my only real surprises in this have been how much Ruen enjoys killing and the fact that the guy she killed was trying to kill Angel and this woman.)

Jesus, I don't even know what to ask! I mean...there's a fucken guy on my floor...and you with the sword...I almost died tonight! This can't be real. It's all a dream...I fucken know it. Any second now I'll be waking up. I mean...Eclipse? What the hell is going on? Please...someone...just say something. For the love of God just say something.

(Ruen steps forward. Her voice has a matter of fact tone to it, but there's a sharpness to her words. For all the sound of it she could be reading a shopping list in slight annoyance.)

My name is Ruen. This isn't a dream. He was here to kill you. Now he can't do so. He deserved do die, so he is dead. I was originally contracted to kill your friend here.

(She motions towards me. I barely know him. Not sure why she is saying friend, but whatever. She continues.)

Didn't know who the client was. So after some searching I found out they were connected to Jasper here. He had been carrying photos of you and your father. All this sinking in?

(Her people skills could use some help. Not that mine are great, but christ. Oh well, he has to be caught up fast. I realize we don't have a lot of time as I look over and see the phone hanging off the hook.)

This is all fine and great and everything, but were you on the phone when he broke down your door?

(Instead of paying attention to my question he just looks back to Ruen and starts on a rant of sorts. Christ is no one paying attention. If he was on the phone with someone when all this went down they might have called the cops.)

Ohh yes... caniballistic killer dead on my floor...mysterious woman with a sword...and an OWF acquaintance. It's sinking in beautifully. I'd already known about the pictures...found out not but a few moments ago actually. Liz told me--

(It's now he seems to remember the woman, Liz, exists. Well now everyone knows everyone's names. Fantastic. That helps so much. I can't help but be a bit angry. I have a feeling we should all be getting out of here. He turns to Liz, who is now quiet, and kneels down next to her.)

C'mon now Liz. It's all over now okay. Everyone's going to be fine.

(He pries her hands from her face to reveal that she's definitely in shock. Her eyes are zoned out. When the mind has a hard time accepting what the eyes have seen this can happen. Angel looks towards me and Ruen.)

God...I can't believe this is happening.

(I shake my head. I'm getting really frustrated at this point.)

Well get over it! It's happening. Now answer my question. Where you on the phone when this happened? Do you not understand we could have a bunch of cops on the way right now? I don't even exist. I can't be here. None of us can with there being a fucking corpse in your entryway!

(He stands up in anger and lashes out at me verbally. I see Ruen's hand move down to her sword out of the corner of my eye. She only kills those who deserve it though. I don't see her cutting him down unless he tries to kill her.)

Excuse me? What did you just fucken say to me? Get over it!? Is this a god damn joke! Will you look at her! Will look at the woman on the floor right now! Forget about the body, forget about the cops, forget about whatever else the fuck you're thinking of! You look at her!

(He points down at Liz emphatically.)

And what do you mean, you don't exist!? What kind of bullshit is that? You're standing here right now aren't you?

(I sigh and try to calm myself some. I'm not angry. I'm just wanting to hurry us to a different location. My voice softens somewhat.)

Look Angel. I just meant get over the disbelief. I know Liz is in shock. We can't deal with that here with a bunch of cops. I don't exist on any public record. I'm not from your world. I can't have cops finding out who I am or I could end up in government interrogation or whatever else. It's not important right now. What's important is we get out of here. We can discuss everything once we're somewhere else.

(He calms down. Maybe I'm getting somewhere now.)

Somewhere else...right. Either one of you have any suggestions?

(That's when we all hear it. Sirens. Police cars. Ruen looks over at me and then leaves the house. Angel and I look into each other's eyes for what feels like a long time, but isn't. There's a sense of something there. Kindred spirits or something. No time to think about it now. Seconds later she pulls the car up front.)

We can figure it out in the car. Let's just get out of here while we still can.

(I turn towards the door and move to leave.)


(His voice stops me. I turn back to look at him. We've got to hurry and get out of here. We don't have much time.)

Help me with Liz...please...

(It takes me a second to respond. I kinda forgot she isn't gonna get to the car on her own. I go over and we get set to lift her up.)


(We lift her limp form up and carry her out of the house together. Ruen gets the door open for us and we get her into the car. Ruen runs back around to the driver's seat. I get in the front, Angel hops in the back with Liz. Ruen pulls out fast. Time to get out of here.)

So...where to?

(I look back to see Angel focusing on Liz. A tear streaks down his cheek. It's obvious he really cares about her. I wonder what that's like. Doesn't matter right now. Right now we have to focus on the roller coaster we're on. Hopefully we all make it through this.)