(I stand in a murky pool of water. A liquid dripping sound echoes through some unknown cavern I don't recognize, but am somehow in. People would think I'd be sick of being alone, but I'm not. Especially in this case. Standing in front of me...is me. Yet, she isn't me. She can't be me. She looks just like me other than the scars, glowing eyes, longer fangs, pointed ears, and some kind of demonic face paint. The paint isn't obvious. It's more there to accentuate and demonize her features. I can't help but stare at her. We pace in a circle, glaring in each other's directions.

As I look at her I begin to find it hard to swallow. Hard to breathe. An intense pain hits my stomach. I feel sick. Clutching my abs I drop to one knee. She laughs. It's a cold, ancient laugh. So bitter, so harsh. It makes my head throb. The black water smells weird. It reminds me of...of that dimension. Not just the darkness dimension though. There's another scent. It reminds me of something about the way my parents smelled. Something predatory. Something wrong. The laugh ends and her glowing, blue eyes stare down at me. A warped smile forms on her twisted features. It's now I hear her voice. It sounds like mine, but there's a sickness laced within her tone that disturbs me.)

How pathetic you are. Poor little Erica Nicole. One glimpse at me and you can't even stay standing up.

(She paces in front of me sporadically. I hate her already. I glare at her, but say nothing. I feel too sick. Stopping in front of me she continues.)

Don't like feeling this weak do you? Is this what you really want?

(I don't understand. This makes no sense to me. She doesn't make sense to me. I do know one thing. The chill in my spine grows further as she speaks. As much as I now hate her I'm also so afraid. I force myself to swallow, finding it more difficult than before.)

What do..you..want?

(Wagging a finger at me she makes a tch tch tch sound that grates on my nerves.)

I'll be asking the questions here whelp. Do you like that word...whelp? Does it make you feel good when dear old mom calls you that? She does it because you are weak Erica. She can smell your fear. She can smell your humanity, your weakness. It's disgusting. You're disgusting.

(I try to get to my feet, but can't. I want to rip her face off. Why won't she just shut up?!)

Awww are you getting mad? What can you do about it Erica? Can you do anything other than sit there and look upset Erica? Answer me!

(Her words, it's like I hear them in my head. Cold sweat runs down my face as I look up at her angrily. I force some more words out though I feel like I could literally puke my guts up.)

Why...do you keep saying my name like that? Why do you know so much about me? What the fuck do you want?

(I'm greeted by mocking laughter. After stepping closer she lets her voice go lower. Her glowing eyes seem to swirl.)

You don't get it yet do you? Are you so blind? I am you Erica. I'm all your strongest parts. All the parts not hindered by the mockery of humanity you cling to. I am Eclipse...

(My eyes go wide. I dry heave a few times. She grabs the back of my head and pushes it under the black water. It rushes up my nose and into my mouth. She lets go and I pop up choking. The smell of the stuff is intolerable to me. I continue gasping as she speaks again.)

Poor girl. Don't worry Erica. I'm here for you. You're the part of us we need to remove. Then we'll reach our true potential. Wish I could say it was nice knowing you, but you've done nothing but hinder me with your whining, fear, and guilt. Goodbye human!

(I try to fight her but she pushes me under again. I can't breathe. The black fluid begins filling my lungs. They burn. Everything burns inside. My eyes close as I start to lose myself to the abyss I'm being drowned in. I'm so confused. So angry. This isn't right. I can't die like this. I won't be beaten by myself. By her. Something strikes my face. My eyes shoot open. I'm not in the water, I'm in the barn. It barely registers I was having a nightmare.. Yet, I can feel the rage inside building further. At first things aren't clear, but I feel some shaking and twitching beneath me. My eyes adjust to see that dirty bum with his hands wrapped around Angel's throat. The guy's eyes are filled with murder and Angel is starting to fade.

Seeing Angel's life in danger only furthers the rage that had been tearing at my insides. Everything lurches within. I reach up and grab the guy by the face and toss him backwards. His back smacks into the wall with a loud thud followed by a series of creaks. As I get to my feet I can still feel everything burning inside my. I can't get it out. I can't make it stop. My fists clench so tight my hands bleed. I smack them against my sides trying to contain the creature within. My breathing goes heavy. It's coming. There's no stopping it. Damnit why can't I stop it! The large man starts towards me. No, make it stop! My scream is laced with bitterness, anger, and despair.)


(Red glosses acrossed my vision. My fingers curl up like claws. The large man swings and connects with my face. The force turns my head to the side. Some blood runs down from my lip. For a brief moment I almost smile. The moment is fleeting. I grab kick him in the stomach, hunching him over, before grabbing his throat and slamming him back against the wall. More thuds and creaks. Then I grip his shoulders and thrust my head forward, slamming it against his. My forehead crushes his nose. Blood burts out from his face, all over mine. I slam my skull against his again. It's not enough. Must be more. In my rage I continue headbutting him without relent. With each contact of my skull to his I feel as if I'm chipping away at the part of myself I hate. The part that's in control right now. All I can see is blood. With one last slam I hear a crunch. The back of his head went through the old, wooden wall. I take a step back and find myself dizzy. My vision is hazy. I drop to a knee breathing hard. The rage disipates, leaving me once more. Releasing the grip of my inner demon on me. After a few moments I feel arms around me. My first instinct is to lash out, but I realize it's not an attack. My mind is returning to me. Angel has his arms around me. I hear his voice. He sounds hoarse and out of it.)

I..It's okay n...n...now Eclipse. It's a...all okay....

(I'm still breathing heavily. My hair and face are sticky and slick with blood. My head throbs. I look at Angel, almost confused by his words. Not used to hearing that kinda stuff I guess. At least he seems to be alright.)

Are you oka...oh god!

(It's now I realize what I've done. Yeah I'm back to myself again. I struggle with very little strength to try and get out of Angel's arms. I've lost it again. I let it control me. How is the guy I attacked? This can't keep happening. Why? Just why. A rush of emotions flood me. My eyes begin to water. I see the guy's head in the wall for only a brief moment before Angel does his best to get in my way. He's trying to protect me from looking at what I've done.)

Eclipse...p...p..please. It's o..o..over no--

(He turns his head, coughing up blood onto his shoulder. Guess that answers my question of how he's doing. So not only was I late to help, but I've also killed. My guilt overwhelms me. I burst fully into tears.)

It's over now...

(I shake my head frantically. He couldn't be more wrong. That guy may have been doing harm, but he didn't deserve that. Nobody deserves that. I speak through my sobs.)

It'll..never..be over..never. Not till...I'm dead.