(With one little kick a window shatters inward, sending glass shards of varying sizes to the floor. It only serves to break the shards into tinier pieces. I climb through while finding myself amused at the ease of entering his home. When my boots touch floor I look around and make my way towards the front door. There's an odd odor to this place. I shake my head as I look over the condition of the home. I can't help but speak aloud to no one.)

Your house is falling apart Angel.

(I can't help but smirk over the fact that I just helped contribute to that problem. There are no lights on in the house. I knew I'd beat him home. I stare across at the front door through the darkness. Now I just have to wait for him to return. Won't he be suprised to find me here. I revel in my thoughts of his shock. So what if we kissed. I still want to torment him. I can't help it. He's asked for this. Practically begged for it. I want him in more ways than one, but I'll surely settle for his pain. Is that so wrong? Of course not. Bold words. Do they really have any meaning?

Truthfully I'm not sure what I'm doing here. I just know I'm compelled to be here. I'm torn between two patterns of thought. Both are strong. Half of my heart wants to put aside everything and just be with him, be a couple. Be in love. Find the happiness neither of us believes in. The other half of my heart, the black half, wants to see him choke to death on his own blood while I stand over him laughing. My maniacal visage being the last thing to register in his brain before his soul leaves this realm and leaves his body a rotting corpse.

I've given both sides alot of thought and have come to no real conclusion. I feel deeply for him, but it's both positive and negative. Maybe I should just flip a coin. Heads we do the unhappily ever after thing. Tails I remove his spleen and force him to eat it. The thought of flippantly making a large decision like this in such a trivial manner fills brings forth a tiny amount of laughter. Still in the end I may just choose to do it that way. I watch the door, silent once more. I extend my senses outward to be sure I know the exact moment of his approach. It's now I realize what that odor was. This house is tainted.

What exactly is he into? There's a palpable aura of evil I can feel pressing against me. Unheard whispers echo through my reverie, shattering my thoughts on how to handle the Angel situation. Just being in this place I can feel my emotions shifting darker. My primal side growls as it begins to encroach upon the more mundane side of myself. Still I hold of it. I am a monster. There is no denying that, but I'm not here to rip Angel apart as soon as he enters the door...am I? Shaking off the thought, I keep myself under control. I will not allow my sinister side to take control. Not right now. Maybe later. If it was by choice it'd be one thing, but it's not. It's this house. Angel's house. Which once again becons the question...what is he into? I focus on the door and let the taint of the house fade into the background. He'd better have the correct answers to the questions that have now formed in my mind. If the answers are wrong he's not long for this world.

I wait for a half hour before I finally hear a set of keys. Look who finally came home. After a moment of messing with the key in the lock he has it open. He looks into the darkness but can't see me. Though I wonder if he's expecting to find something or someone here. His eyes look around franticly. Probably more just paranoia. Can't blame him with the problems in this house. He steps into the darkness that contains me and moves to the light switch that I'm standing still next to. He tosses his jacket aside. I wait. Wouldn't want to spoil the surpise. He flips the switch bringing light to the room. To me. I stare at him with an evil smirk playing at my features. I can't help myself. In a quiet, yet mischievous tone I speak to add to his surprise.)

Hi there.

(I watch with perverse delight as he practically jumps out of his skin. Perfect. He manages not to scream in terror. So, not quite so perfect. Still, I'm pleased with the results. Angel yells from the spot he jumped back to.)

Fucken Christ!

(Staring at me with disbelief and horror he can't seem to find any other words. So instead he repeats the last ones.)

Fucken Christ!

(For some reason I can't seem to keep myself from toying with him some. Can't help myself. Too much fun.)

And people say you're monosyllabic.

(So I'm being a sarcastic pain. He can deal with it. He wears big boy pants. I fold my arms and lean against the wall next to me with a smirk while looking around.)

Nice place. You decorate it yourself my dear?

(My words bring him discomfort. Good. Still he's gotta play the role of the angry home owner who finds someone has broken into his home. Is that role? Whatever.)

I hardly feel you're in the position to be asking questions.

(Hmmm, that's funny. I thought I was in the perfect position to be asking questions. Silly me. I watch as he starts to pull himself back together. I watch as he "adjusts his attitude". That sounded dirty. What is with my mood tonight. Guess it's not often I get to play. With the decisions that are weighing on me being so heavy, guess it seems almost right to be so casually flippant.)


(For the first time he somewhat takes his eyes off me and looks to the backroom. He cuts off his own sentence in anger.)

You bitch. You broke my fucken window.

(His words don't bother me at all. Instead my smirk just grows wider. I stop leaning against the wall and stand a bit straighter before clutching my arms to my heart in an exaggerated manner.)

Awwwww, you noticed. That's so sweet. I'm glad you like what I've done with the place honey.

(His jacket is cast aside once again. This time towards the couch. I watch as he works himself up emotionally. A smile coming to his features. He casually begins to walk about the room. What's he up to? My curiousity causing me to just sit back and enjoy the show I've set up.)

Oh I like it alright...

(He moves towards the window I broke to get in. I can see the spite that fills his eyes to contrast with his smile. It's all aimed at me. Oh what showering of attention I'm receiving.)

Matter of fact....I love it...But, "my dear," you've only done one...

(He pauses a moment for dramatic effect...and to smile at me pointedly.)

Why not do the whole...

(I listen to the lovely jingling of shattering glass as I watch his foot go through it. A symphony of sharpess follows. Only interrupted by him feeling the need to continue talking during it.)


(Another window is broken. Guess I've gotten under his skin. Good.)


(He starsts to lose some control of himself as he spins wildly kicking glass everywhere. How cute. He thinks he knows what losing control is? I'd be very willing to show him what it's truly like. He turns back to me, breathing slightly hard due to the energy he's exerted randomly breaking stuff.)

Now, isn't that better sweety?

(Apparently he just wants to play house with me now. I wouldn't know how. I spent most of my years trapped in the hellhole of a dimension. I would have had more time to this realm, but I got locked up by some government organization that wouldn't even identify itself. Angel stands in front of me. So willing to get crazy with me now. The white knight. Where was his chivalry when he broke his word though. Guess he wasn't so willing to get crazy then. Guess now that he has his titles it's all okay. Those are what's important to him. Is this house tainted because he made deals with creatures to achieve his goals? If he didn't maybe we have a chance together. If he did, then I have to kill him. Either way I'm happy.

I can feel my mood start to shift...again. My smile doesn't leave my face, but I can feel the power behind my eyes grow. Slowly I walk over to Angel. I get very close to him. He restrains from stepping away from me or lashing out. Maybe he wants to see what I'm up to. Still, he's wary of what I might do. I can feel his breath on me as I look into his eyes. I get my lips very close to his before speaking in a sexy, hushed tone. I can feel the insanity laced within my voice. I don't care.)

Oh baby. Be careful. You might anger the things you keep in your tainted little house here.

(I let my tone grow harsh with my next words.)

I know we're not alone. I know what's here.

(The shock on his face is as if I just stabbed him. It takes a long moment for it to process. So shaken by this he avoids even meeting my eyes. There's definitely more to this story, but will he be willing to share? Part of him struggles as if wanting to give into my verbal probing, but it's the side that loses out when his sad, confused eyes return to mine.)

I only see two things here honey. A pair of mentally unstable people, unsure of whether to tear each other to shreds or embrace with every ounce of being they have. That, and a shitload of glass. Nothing more, nothing less.

(Unavoidably I snort at his words. How pedestrian. Hide from the things he knows are here. Is that what he's doing? Or is he just lying to harbor his precious little demons? I want to know and I won't wait long to know my answer. If I have to remove one of his ribs at a time I'll get my answers. I let my hand slowly caress one of his muscular arms. Silently, almost lovingly, I move it up to the back of his neck. Then right when things seem like they might be going well I let the smile and life fall from my face so he can see the real me before his eyes. Let him witness the monster I truly am. I let the maniacal power fill my eyes so he can see the darkness within them. He can see the lust for battle, the urges, my dark desires, my power. My hand grips the back of his neck hard. I let him see my true strength for the first time.)

Don't lie to me! I know what's here. Did you bring it here to help you? Or is it after you? I want the truth...

(Horror is etched into his face as he sees the truest part of me. He struggles with it. Wincing in reaction to my grip on his neck I was as he turns it all over in his head. I see a little ember in his eyes spark to anger. Good. His expression fades as his fury builds to its crescendo. Reaching back he grips my wrist and pulls my hand away, my nails taking some of his flesh in the process. Then he pushes me away as he can no longer handle our close proximity. We stare each other down for a long moment before he finally speaks in a quiet, but steeled manner.)

I don't know the truth.

(His rage hasn't left at all. Speaking through hard, clenched teeth he continues. It's as if he could spit acid. I know that feeling. It feels good doesn't it Angel?)

There is...something, here. I can feel it. I've been feeling it. But I don't know what it is. And I haven't known since the day it fucken showed up, whatever it may be. I have nothing to do with it. I know as much as you.

(I nod at his words. I believe him...to a point. I believe he didn't strike any bargains or work with the demonic presence I feel, but I can sense he's not telling me the whole truth. Omitting facts is just like lying. In this house is not the best place to be having discussions. A place this tainted can only serve to amplify all a person's negative feelings. I think we are seeing those effects now. Should I fight my dark urges and try to calm things down or give into them and attack. I refuse to be a pawn to some creature. So I won't be attacking. Not unless he starts it.)

There's something you aren't telling me, but I'll let it go...for now. So..tell me what you are thinking Angel?

(Mulling over my question he looks almost lost, and a little hurt. Not by me, but by whatever is on his mind. It takes him a long time to respond. He looks as if he could almost just fall down, yet maintains his strength to keep him going.)

I think....I might know what it is...

(Yet he goes silent. Something is eating at him. For the first time in a long time I see him as the same vulnerable person I once shared a broken down barn with. Will I still feel the same after he tells me what's on his mind?)