What's this all about?

(Jesse Williams looks down at a tiny package he just received via UPS delivery. There's no name on the return address, but the address itself is in Anchorage, Alaska. He opens it to find a DVD with "Watch Me" written on it in marker. The lettering is accentuated by sharp edges to all the letters. He shrugs while looking at it and decides to pull it out of its case and do as it instructs. Though he's not sure at all what it's about. The only thing that compells him to do so is curiousity. Especially with the origin city of this DVD. He tosses it in his DVD player and presses play on the practically blank menu. Soon he is treated to the image of the woman who has become his nemesis as of late, Eclipse. When he got with Alexis he inherited her greatest enemy by choice.

Everything around her is dark so that he's forced to focus on only her. The left half of Eclipse's face is painted to seem paler while having an interweaving set of stitches painted on her face to make it seem as if it has been pieced together hastily. The painted stitching is extensive around her eyes and lips. It's also visible that she has real stitches crossing where old ones once were. The scarred freak of a young woman stares at the camera intently with dark blue eyes that seem to swirl with both insanity and malevolent power. The smirk he saw on her face in their hotel encounter rests uncomfortably on her face. She sits there for a moment before getting around to speaking when she feels like it.)

I'm sure you're curious as to why I've sent you this recorded message Jesse. Oooh look it's like we're on a first name basis now. How quaint.

(Her tone is mocking and so laced with sickness it seems as if she might spill into psychotic laughter at any moment.)

We didn't get to finish our conversation the other night. You'll just have to forgive me. Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten about you. Not at all. In fact I've decided to dedicate much of my time to you. Does this please you?

(Her smirk fades away so quickly it's as if it were never there. Her eyes and features suddenly seem much colder, harsher.)

Your chivalry has brought your existence to my attention. It's something you will come to regret Jesse. I'm sure you've seen that I'm facing Green. That's by choice. I requested it happen. I'm going to solve your problems Jesse. I'm not doing it for you though. Not in the way you think. No, I'm getting to him before you can. I bet that burns you. That someone you want to hurt so badly is now about to get a piece of Green before you can manage your little revenge. What's left of him won't even be worth the time or effort of your pathetic vengeance.

(She pauses for a moment, just glaring into the camera as if it is Jesse.)

The whole time I'm mutilating him I'll be thinking about you. About yet another thing I'm taking from you. I'm going to keep taking Jesse. I won't stop till you have nothing left. Once I take away all that you desire, the only thing I'll have left to remove is the last vestige of your sanity and the soft, weak thing you call a body.

(It's now that her twisted smirk returns as the volume of her voice increases in an erratic manner. There's a strange lust in her eyes as her mind seems to latch onto cruel thoughts only she can see. To say excitement is what she feels would be not to give the warped emotions she feels proper credit.)

Soon it will be just us. All alone with each other. Dancing to a symphony of violence! I'm going to take my time with you Jesse. I'm going to give you the attention you yearn for Jesse. Your eyes will be opened through my hands Jesse! Are you excited?! Can you taste it? I can. I have. I HUNGER for it.

(Her scarred body begins to shake as she starts to lose the loose control she keeps on herself. It's almost as if her skin crawls. It's as if she could completely lose all grip on reality at any given moment....and she'd like it.)

Spend your days thinking of me Jesse. I'll be thinking about you. My dark urges, hungers, and desires growing with each passing moment. Watch as I strip you of your vengeance...your desires...your happiness....your everything. I've already infected your world with my helping Alexis. Just as she's infected your body through sex. Next is Green. Then I take the rest. Dream of me Jesse. Enjoy your next few days. I'll get to you soon enough...Oh and tell Alexis hi for me. I do so miss her.

(She licks her lips after the Alexis comment with a smile laced with sickness. Then, abruptly, the recording ends and he's returned to the almost blank menu. Left with just his thoughts...of her.)