(I look at her hanging on the inside of the door. My careful placement making sure she'll stay there so that I can achieve the desired emotional effect on my prey. Dried blood is scattered throughout her hair and body. She looks so much better in blood. Most do. There's just something about being layered in crimson that brings out the beauty in people. Even those as ugly as Alexis is inside. I watch as she remains unconscious. Her faint breathing causing her chest to move up and down slowly.)

Won't Jesse be surprised to find you here Lexi.

(I call her Lexi in the most mocking of fashions. Yes Jesse will so love his gift from me and Angel. It didn't take much to accomplish this. Just had to grab her from the show, toss her in my trunk, and then bring her to Jesse's. It was more than easy finding his house. My mother is an international assassin..or terrorist..depending on who you ask. So it all ended up just being a matter of getting her here. It's easy transporting a kidnapping "victim" across state lines on major highways if you make sure your car has no visible defects and you drive safely within the regulations of the road. If you give them no reason to pull you over, more often than not, they won't.

Now that I have her here I only have one regret...That I won't get to see Jesse's face when he finds his little gift. What a shame to go through all this and then not get to see how it affects him. That's a disappointment I'm just going to have to accept though. I turn from her and walk around the house a bit. I touch nothing. Nothing of his interests me enough to mess with or take. That's what Alexis is for afterall.)

Oh Alexis. In the end I do this all for you.

(I turn and walk back to her. I look at her cracked, bloody lips before tracing them with my finger.)

You make things so hard on yourself. That's okay. I like showing you the things you need to see. I might have left your little boyfriend out of it, but he's just so eager join in the fun.

(Before Jesse showed up at my hotel room he didn't exist to me. Before he decided to be the chivalrous big shot he would have been left out of my dealings with Alexis. He made the choice himself. Now I'll be introducing him to my world as I have been his little girl. Now I teach them both lessons through each other. I'll get back to her soon enough. For now he's my focus. I stole his vengeance on Chris Green. Now he'll never get his chance. I've taken his beloved plaything. Now I return her in mostly one piece. I'm going to continue to take from him. I want him left with nothing. I want him to realize that his life was ruined the moment he decided to cross me. To realize that if he had just stayed out of my way he'd still be living quite well. That he'd be happy. I want him to think about these things and know that when he approached me everything ended for him...)

I'll see you again soon Alexis.

(I leave a note from me and Angel before patting her face as if she is a household pet. I step out of the doorway. My mind focused on my thoughts of Jesse Williams and his lack of a future. I let the door shut behind me with the quietist of clicks.)


(I step out of the shower into the steam-filled bathroom. My scarred, naked frame only partially visible in the fogged up mirror. I grab a towel and dry off some before wrapping it around my body. Wet hair sticks to my neck. I brush it aside before making my exit. I go to my open suitcase and pull out some clothing. A pair of panties, a pair of shorts and a tank top. I put them on and then work on drying my hair better with the towel. I sit on the end of my bed. I don't bother turning the tv on. What's the point? Television has never been a big priority with me. I didn't have it all growing up. It's not something I really need now either. I look over at the phone. It's crossed my mind that maybe I should call Angel, but I can't say that I'm really in them mood to argue about whatever it is he'll turn into an argument today.

Talking with him can be rather frustrating. Still I can't help what I feel for him. Though half the time those feelings turn to me wanting to kill him. I guess I'm mostly over that though. Now I'm just trying to sort through everything. Maybe I'd be more in touch with my feelings if things weren't always so fucked up. We seem to just keep getting involved in crazy situations. We go from murders to murder to being on the run over murder to demons. On top of that we almost never agree on how to handle the situations. With all that going on it's amazing we have feelings for each other. Whatever it is those feelings are. I sigh in frustration. My thoughts are doing nothing to help me relax. Nor are they solving anything with the situation. Fuck it. I guess I will call him. Even though I have nothing more to tell him than that I completed the drop off of Alexis like we planned. I pick up the phone and dial the number.)

Hi..Angel, it's me...