(Oh how surprised my new tag partner was to see me in her home. She lacks forsight. She should have expected it. I could hear her mind calling out to me. Screaming for me till blood filled the burned insides of her metaphorical throat. Her inner tears, desires, and fears crying out to me in the loneliness of dusk. I couldn't ignore her tantilizing pain.

How wide her eyes grew when I embraced her from behind. The soft flesh of my hand around her mouth. Her terror urging me with the enticing offer of smothering the life from her in one brilliant moment of beauty. She'll never fully appreciate our time together. Neither could she comprehend the restraint needed to pull away from fulfilling her destiny with the steel grip of my cold hand. Our destiny. The sweet taste of completion dangled before my tongue gave way to the acrid flavor of postponement. We'll have our time though. Time....everything is only a matter of it.

Reluctantly I released her back to an unforgiving world. We conversed briefly. Though she searched for me, it was obvious she wasn't prepared for the eventuality of finding me. Be careful what you ask for says the fortune cookie. Delightly amusing.

Our short conversation led to her agreement for this brief partnership. Even so, I get the impression she doesn't trust me. Oh how this wounds me so. Guess she's more intelligent than I'd given her credit for.

Dixie refused to be her partner. She says she's a face. What the fuck does that mean? Face, heel, etc. Empty words. Pointless terms used by unimaginitive promoters to describe fan reaction. Fuck what the fans think. They matter not. Dixie thought she had a reputation to protect. How laughable. As if fans noticed her pathetic existence. The roster of this place couldn't even describe what she looks like if asked. Apparently the only thing anyone remembers of her is she has big tits to break her fall in the ring. Must be convenient having air bags.

It's good she turned Alexis down. Trying to take my place would have been the worst mistake the stupid bitch ever made. Alexis is mine. I alone determine her fate. Sentimental to the last.

Power hour will be most interesting. So Ana has enlisted Mr. Angel into the fray. That decision is both wise and poor. Oh he does have quite the list of credentials. I won't deny that, but he never should have been involved. He won't be able to save you Ana. He has too many problems to save himself even. Now I'm a problem for both of you.

How long will he have your back Ana? Do you see any of his old girlfriends around? Exactly. Ask him sometime what's happened to every woman that's entered his life. I can just picture the conversation. Your horrified expression opposing the moody, depressed look on his unshaven face.

I'm afraid things are soon to sour for you little Ana. You don't know me. I have no desire to know you. I need only know myself. What about Alexis? I know her better than she knows herself. I'm her guiding hand. I lead her to completion. To fulfillment. To destruction. Yes Alexis, when we finish this we'll return to the topic you so dread.....us.)