(For the past 2 weeks I've had to listen to Prophet's incessant babbling about how Summer and I are going to be heroes. I'm no hero. I'm just another monster roaming this planet like my parents before me. If he hadn't dropped Ruen's name I wouldn't be stuck in this situation. Summer being a hero is even more laughable. She's a drunken, violent sociopath. She barely goes a minute without forcing vast amounts of cheap vodka down her throat. I can't even figure out how the woman can stay standing up, much less fight. Yet somehow she seems to function as if she's semi-sober. Her chain smoking is worse than my father's. I still can't get the smell of generic menthols out of my nostrils. On top of it all the scorn she holds for all that lives and breathes is ever present. It's not hatred like she says. I've seen hatred for the living in my mother's black eyes plenty. Summer just seems more annoyed with people than hateful. Like other people existing is an inconvenience to her.

Nothing matters to the woman it seems. Except two people. It sounds like she has something resembling a friendship with a one-eared woman named Vivian. The other person is her nemesis, Exa Cution. Apparently that quaint, little name was a roller derby moniker. Leave it to me to be caught up in a war between two roller derby psychos. My sickness must just call out to all the mentally ill. All Summer has mentioned is Vivian was roller derby as well, and was Exa's teammate. Summer marred Exa for life by crushing her forehead in. She didn't tell me why. She got banned from the league and went into wrestling with Vivian as her agent. Then Exa came back and kidnapped Vivian. Summer received her ear in the mail. Which caused her to nearly beat Exa to death. Somehow she missed her chance to finish the bitch off. With Prophet mentioning her, Summer looks to rectify that mistake.

How Ruen and Exa fit into all this was more a surprise to me than I expected. Apparently Prophet hired my mercenary, assassin acquaintance to kill Vanessa Valentine. He wasn't real detailed on her, but said Ruen was to kill her and retrieve some dangerous artifact before it could be delivered to Vanessa's employer. Ruen, the scourge of the underworld, the bedtime story criminals tell their children to keep them in line, was somehow captured by Valentine. Not only that, but somehow Exa is working with her. The two are safely hidden away with Ruen as their captive.

Why do I care? I owe Ruen a favor. She helped me and Angel out when an escaped killer was sent after him. I owe her. I've got to go get her. It doesn't matter that she may still intend to kill my mother. Good luck with that anyway. Nothing could kill that bitch. Ruen and I can settle that issue later. Now if I can just figure out how to co-exist with Summer. It's not like we hate each other. I think we just both prefer solitude. We do, however, share one language...violence.)

So you're the one in the nightmares of all the bad people are you? The one who makes crime bosses tremble at the very mention of your name? You don't frighten me Ruen. You aren't in my dreams. I only dream of vengeance.

(Exa Cution stands over the captive Ruen, waiving a knife around wildly as she speaks. Think black hair hangs freely down her back. Her pale hand moves the hair away from her own forehead to reveal a web-like series of thick scars all across it. Her tormented eyes dance with a twinkle only gained through severe psychosis. Ruen looks up from her position of being chained to a table wearing only her undergarments and the tape over her mouth. The mad woman above her speaks in an almost warbly tone as words filled with sickness spill forth from her mouth.)

Don't dare look upon me with defiance. You haven't earned that expression. You don't know torture yet. You don't know pain. You haven't had your forehead shattered and crushed in. You've never felt pieces of your own skull sticking through your skin. Do you see this bitch?!

(She points to the thick scars with a trembling hand.)

(I have a metal plate there instead of bone. My brain suffered trauma and my body wants to reject the steel that's grafted to the bone. Do you have any idea the kind of pain that causes me? Do you?!

(Exa smashes the handle of the knife into Ruen's forehead causing the captive woman to groan in pain against the tape over her mouth. Exa only seems to come further unglued as her mind focuses on her vengeful obsession.)

How could you? Summer Ashton didn't choose to destroy your life as she did mine. I was an athlete! What she did was without reason. Without mercy. I had a life and she took it from me! I'm going to take everything from her. Do you hear me?!

(Suddenly her eyes roll into the back of her head. As her body begins to convulse the knife escapes her hand and clatters to the floor. The noise brings her intense pain and forces her eyes back to focus as tears stream down her face in torrents. She mouths the word "no" repeatedly, but no sound escapes her panicked breathing. She thrusts an unsteady hand into her pocket. She manages to get out a few words through the tears and hyperventilation.)

Oh..god..no..I need..my..pills..come on..

(The fear and pain in her voice only reveal how at the mercy of her ailment she truly is. Managing to pull a bottle from her pocket, she fights her shaking hands to get it open. The cap flies off seconds before pills fly out and litter the dirty floor. In a feverish panic she drops to her knees and scrambles hastily to grab some pills. Her agony is so intense it puts her completely to the floor on her stomach. Writhing around in convulsions, she struggles to survive. Somehow she manages to grasp a few pills and shoves them into her mouth. She swallows while clawing for more pills. After a few mintues of excrutiating pain she begins to calm. The convulsions cease before her body shudders, sending chills through her spine. Her muscles ache as her body begins to relax. Slowly she struggles to her feet. Exhaustedly she wipes the sweat from her maimed brow. With much effort she grabs the knife. Holly Caust did this to her back before she called herself Summer Ashton. The migraines always come on suddenly. Each time they try to claim her life. As if attempting to finish what Summer started. Each time she narrowly keeps her life. Summer will pay!)

But first you're going to pay for her sins.

(Exa stalks forward, taking the knife into both her hands. She raises the blade above her head. Killing this woman will gain her some satisfaction. As if she were taking a piece of Summer. It doesn't matter that Ruen and Summer have never met. In Exa's mind she's striking back at the woman who ruined her life on a whim. She thrusts the blade downward, but is halted by an unexpected voice.)

Stop! You wouldn't want to spoil our plans now would you?

(Looking over, Exa sees Vanessa Valentine standing in the doorway with a concerned smile. Her dark, brown hair is neatly in place, hanging down to the shoulders of her gray, business skirt-suit. Exa shakes her head and pulls away from Ruen before dropping her knife once more.)


(She steps forward and places a hand on Exa's shoulder softly. Her other hand caringly wipes the sickly woman's sweaty hair from her scarred forehead.)

Another migraine?

(She gets a nod from Exa in response.)

Poor dear. Why don't you go lay down? You need rest. Don't worry. Soon we'll both have what we desire. Till then Ruen must live. You will have your vengeance.

(Exa leaves to go lay down while Vanessa traces a finger across the veins in Ruen's wrist with a ominous smile.)

And soon, my little pet, I'll be unstoppable.