(The path she has chosen has been one of difficulty and emotional hardship. To try and overcome one's own nature is akin to trying to perform surgery on one's self, frightening and even if successful it may leave you less than happy with the results. The past few months have been especially rough for Eclipse. Feeling lost and alone are not new sensations to her, but the amplifications of these emotions have taken their toll. The one time she truly tried to reach out to a world that rejects her she found herself ignored. Invisible. Such hardships have been her only true experience since birth, but for some reason she came away from that excursion with a profound sadness. As if it had confirmed what she already knew...there is no place for her.

What then is her purpose? Should she take her mother's approach and decide that all that is created must be destroyed and she's just a function of nature there to bring about such destruction? Should she take her father's approach and decide that she's a walking dead monster that the world wants to destroy? Neither of those options really rings true with her. Not fully anyway. She can understand both of those viewpoints now better than she could have in the past, but they aren't her. There's got to be more for her than that.

She desires to be able to reach out, and relate, to other people. Sure, plenty of them she wants to reach out and grip their throats till their raspy last breath fills her ears, but still she would like to be able to relate to someone. Have conversations. Share the company of. Her past and her dark hungers have made that all but impossible, but she still holds some glimmer of hope about its possibilities. Her sickness and her desire for company conflict with each other and infect her stability. What a twisted design for a human soul. If she can even be counted as human at this point. What she is, is the very thing children lay awake in the dark, cowering in fear over. What she is, is the monster that everyone denies is within them. It's not just her that is sick. It's the world. Over run with the tainted. There's no cure for a world that revels and basks within it's own madness. Yet still she tries to overcome her own.

The mirror in front of her reflects the truth as always. She stands alone. The left half of her face is so stricken with scars it looks pieced back together...because she did piece it back together. The scars that go through the left side of her lips are less visible though with the black lipstick that covers them. Make up, something she rarely wears. The mood struck her to today. Her moods have been odd as of late. Grabbing a black ribbon she ties her hair back and stares into the mirror. She almost doesn't recognize herself. Make up, ribbon, white dress shirt, black skirt. So different from the way she normally looks. Yet she suddenly finds herself feeling almost comfortable. Normally she would feel as if she was pretending to be someone else when dressing semi-normal. Not the case here. There's something different about her lately. She's felt it. The change within.

This is the most in control of her inner demons she's ever been. Her insatiable hunger for violence hasn't left her, it's just been reduced a little. Enough to function better. It's a nice feeling though she will admit it scares the hell out of her. She's not used to her urges being toned down. Change is frightening. Still her mind easily wanders to future exploits of violence. Not a surprise. What is suprising is the thoughts don't feel all consuming. Though, if she isn't careful she could easily teeter over the line of self-control and fall right back into the chaos of her obsessive desires. The thought brings a smile to her scarred face. Masochistic she knows. Everyone revels a little bit in self destruction. It's human nature. Still, she pushes the thoughts away and allows her mind to move towards the subject of her tag partner.

Moxie. What is there to say about the shameless self-promoter? There's the so-called music. There's Team Moxie. There's the game she's playing with Vacant. All of it is a sideshow. Beneath all the bullshit there lies a decent competitor. With the absence of all the games you'd find a girl with some guts and some brains. Two things she wouldn't normally be accused of, but Eclipse knows better. The Vacant stuff is what puzzles Eclipse. It's the reason she's taken such an interest in the doings of Specter and Moxie. Are the two working together to sadistically warp the mind of the teen sensation? Are they acting independantly of each other for their own ends? What is their ultimate goal? What do they look to gain from this manipulative stupidity? She's not sure, but she intends to find out. The only way to do so is to interact with a woman who practically the opposite of herself. Should be interesting.)