(Alone. I am an island. As I look back through my existence I realize it's always been this way. Since I've entered this dimension less than a decade ago I've attempted to establish connections to people. I met the creatures that spawned me. Both of them are psychotic monsters. My father is Darkstar, a former hardcore wrestler who trains other psychopaths to live like the walking instrument of destruction that he is. This includes philosophies on being a walking corpse the world wants to destroy and training to the point that most people's bodies would unravel under the strain. My mother is Andrea Raven, a professional assassin who feels existence is pointless unless you are walking the thin line between control and frenzy. She considers humanity to be a weakness. Her madness has included an obsession with my father. One so complex that she'd protect him from his enemies just because she felt she was the only one who had the right to destroy him. It's not that I have no connection to them. It's more that the closeness is lacking.

I tried to connect to Angel. Too many things got in the way. The world just wouldn't let us even try. I think I did love him. Maybe some day I'll see him again. Get the chance to truly express the depths of my feelings for him. Maybe some day I'll kill him. Unfortunately I've inherited my dating patterns from my mother. It's different from hers...I want it to be different from hers. I fear it's not. I've attempted to connect to this world and it doesn't work. It's not my world. I do not belong. I've watched people. I think I understand them. It's also why I know I can never be like them. Never be a part of them. They don't have something inside them craving violence. Desiring pain. Needing blood to spill. They don't have to live their lives feeding a beast that can never be filled. They'll never understand me. I'll never connect to them no matter how much I want it to happen. Of all my attempts at making a connection I think my relationship with Alexis Cage has been the most successful. I know exactly what drives her. I know her flaws, her strengths, her everything. I know her pain. I'm the one who inflicted most of it. I've tried to help build her character....expand her horizons....bring her new levels of agony. I am the hand of her destruction and I will see her again. Truthfully, I miss her. I would love to see her again...instead I'm left with Robin Sparks.

Her name entering my mind brings a wave of anger up from the pit of my stomach. She called herself the new Alexis Cage. Who is she to even mention Alexis' name much less claim to be the new her? Robin has struck a nerve. She's claimed to be the new version of what's mine. I will not have her walk on my memories of Alexis. To belittle the progress I've made with her. My fingers trace the patchwork of scars covering the entire half of my face. I still remember having to sew my face back together. It brings Alexis further into my mind. Robin must suffer. I think even Alexis would agree. You wanted my attention Robin. You have it. I break from my thoughts for a moment to look at the digital audio recorder in my hand. I'm going to send Robin a little personal greeting. I press record.)

Hello Robin...

(I pause for a moment. I measure my words carefully. My steely tone darkens with each word.)

You know who this is. The truth is I barely remember you. I didn't need to. You could have left yourself faceless to me, let me feed on the violence I crave in the ring, and let me forget you again. We wouldn't have had to interact beyond that. It would have been simple. You would have been anonymous to me....

(I turn my neck and am greeted with a loud, sick series of cracks.)

So, you're the new Alexis Cage are you? You're so far from filling her shoes you wouldn't even know how to put them on. With just that sentence you've given yourself a face to me. I won't forget it now. Not ever.

The new Alexis.....I'll show you how wrong you are...

(The sickness I feel growing inside of me brings an almost satisfied smile to my lips.)

See you soon Robin...very soon.