(It makes you less than comfortable to know someone powerful is after you. That they have taken every precaution possible to make sure you don't know who or why. They managed to silence Jack before I could get to him. I was so close and they stole it from me. What I do know is that the group initally hired to abduct me was inept. Because of this I can only determine that the people after me initially underestimated me or this was them dipping their toes in the pool to test the waters. Either way, the next people they send will not be this pathetic. All I can do at the moment is stay alert and wait.

What angers me the most about this is it is a distraction from what's important. They impeded Ember's search at one point. Now they distract me from repairing Alexis. I wish they'd just make it easy for me and kidnap Alexis then lure me into whatever trap with her as bait. It'd kill two birds for me. I don't think I'll be that fortunate. It's more likely they'll wait and scheme and try to catch me at a real disadvantage.

Time to burn off some of this frustration with training. I walk into the house to find Ember sitting indian style on the floor of the living room. She looks up at me quizzically.)

Get your gear and forget about any plans you had for the next twelve hours.

(She nods and heads to her room. There are too many unknowns with these people we're dealing with. There's too many hinderances involved in my current Alexis situation. Since we can't do anything about either at this exact moment we will just have to take the time to prepare. I'm going to make us even stronger...or destroy our bodies doing it.)

Part 4