(The physical shell that encases my mind, heart, and spirit is more than just mere flesh. It's a living, historical document. Each scar telling a story about the past. Stories of hardship, of determination, of lessons learned, and of foes fallen. My face alone tells much of the story of Alexis Cage. The glass cell punctuated our eternal dance with the flaying open of my flesh. It enhances the reflection the world sees of itself when it looks upon me.

I am the physical reminder of all the things people find so terrible within themselves. Seeing my phsyical form calls attention to what they lie to themselves, and the world, about. It revives in their minds all the horrible things they've done to others. All the things they want to do. The acts they restrain from committing each day. The truth is, everyone is a monster. All of humanity struggles daily to hide their baser instincts from society. How civilized...I remind the world of its sinister lie.

My body is more than just a symbol of the evil within mankind...It's a weapon. One forged through hours of relentless training. One designed for combat. To inflict pain. To resist damage. To cause destruction. My strength grows with each passing night. My capacity to do harm increases. It allows me to break the spirits of the faceless sheep and their inner lies. It allows me to feed my ravenous hunger for violence. The more my power increases, the further capable I am of feeding the darkness within me.

Truthfully I am unsure on the age of my body. When I first came to OWF I guaged it at between 17-19. It's been six years since then. Six years of growth. Six years to develop my ability to inflict damage. Things were so different back then. So much has changed in my MIND