(The core of it all. The furnace that stokes the fire to everything else. It's soul that has caused the conflict between mind and heart. My soul is tattered. It's the cause of the endless cycle of pain within. It's the true source of my strength. My rage, my power, my dark hungers, and my unending will are all derived from it. It's where the darkness lives. Where the monster dwells. Mind feeds on these things and amplifies those hungers. It can't get enough. It then strengthens body and attacks heart. It opens the cage to the creature within me. It's what sets it free to devour the world. This is what causes the fraying of soul. Over time soul darkens from the demon being free to run rampant in it. The cycle continues.

This is the extent of what I know about soul.That may be more than most know about theirs. My self awareness does little to solve the internal conflict. It probably increases the agony. I know what's going on within me. I'm just powerless to do anything about it. That alone only serves to increase my rage and make things worse. No one wants to feel helpless...especially against themselves.

Tournaments, titles, wins, fans, endorsements, egos....all meaningless. Irrelevent. Trivial things people focus on to avoid delving into themselves. Things to prop them up to feel better about the atrocities inside. I know what's inside me. I've always known. Passed on to me by what's inside my parents. It never wants to stop. It feeds mind to get its way. All I can do is try to stop it. Keep it from letting mind destroy body, heart, and soul. Keep the creature from killing us both. In the end it desires us to die painfully in combat. The ultimate thrill. The only fitting end.)