(Ringing is all I can hear in my head. It's intensity overwhelming my brain before it fades into nothingness over time. I no longer can feel the girl in my arms. Slowly my eyes open to reveal a place that is vaguely familiar. I'm laying in a puddle of black water. My body is stiff and soaked. I look around to see the gray rock of a cave surrounding me. Unsteadily I made my way to my feet. I could swear I've been here before. There's a faint glow of purple in the background. It slightly illuminates the darkness around me. I wipe my hair from my face and look around at the emptiness surrounding me to find myself not as alone as I expected.

Unexpectedly I discover a mirror standing on its own. My eyes can't pry themselves from the reflection. Inside the mirrored glass is me...but not me. She looks like me, but is dressed in mostly white. There's such a calmness to her. A soft smile is on her scarred lips. How can this be. She moves closer to the glass before suddenly prying herself from the reflection and into the world I currently inhabit. Without thought I take a step backwards to avoid being touched. I just know I do not want her to make physical contact with me. She notices my avoidance and speaks in a quiet tone to me.)

Still avoiding contact with me I see. What a shame...

(Still? This is the first time I've seen her. Yet, I can't shake the feeling of familarity. She steps to the side, but my eyes don't follow her as I expect. Instead I notice a new figure form in the mirror. This one looks more like how I look now...except there's extra scars, a twisted and fanged smile, and pure black eyes. This one feels more comfortable to me. It doesn't leave the mirror. I can ignore it. My eyes move back to the white clad me that for some reason wanted to be close to me. My discomfort increases the longer I look upon her. I call out to the darkness around me. Feel it cling to my body and envelop me.

It saddens me to see you do that. To hide from me like that. To hide from yourself. Do I truly frighten you so?

(Frighten? Me? Yeah right. I'm short with her as all of this is starting to get under my skin. I can feel the rage within the pit of my stomach as I remember the grenade causing me to not get the information I so desperately needed.)

What do you want? You are keeping me from what I need...

(She takes one step forward. I want to step back, but I don't. I am not afraid of her. Of me. I can feel the darkness churning within my guts. Preparing to flood my veins. Whatever she is, she's got a brief amount of time before I destroy her.)

What is it you think you need Eclipse? You're more confused than I thought. Oh well, it can't be helped.

I feel it begin to consume me. My hands gnarl to resemble claws more than hands. I step to lunge at her, but instead of trying to avoid me she steps forward and grabs my shoulders. Her smile increases, but so does the sadness in her eyes. I want to attack her, but find the darkness not heeding me. Insead it begins to recede. I clutch to it like a security blanket that is being pulled away from me.)

What are you?

(She smiles again as if looking at a confused child before quietly laughing.)

You still don't know? You're the one who found me. You pulled me closer when you chose to selflessly save that little girl. I'm your heart...

(No no no...no. I want her hands off of me. The darkness won't listen. It's still pulling away. I can feel my desperation rise as if I were an animal caught in a trap.)

Get away from me! You don't exist. Let go!

(The sadness in her eyes become more pronounced. Her smile would almost make me feel bad if I wasn't trying so hard to free myself from her grasp.)

That's what your mind has told you. Mind buried me away. Cut off my contact from you. I've always been here. Now is the time to choose Eclipse. You may not get another chance.

(Choose? Choose what? How is this a choice when she won't let me go. Light radiates from her body and grows in intensity. It engulfs us both in a familiar warmth I can't place. The darkness completely slips away against my will. There's just me, her, and the thing in the mirror. Her eyes lock on mine and I am unable to look away. My chest aches as the sadness in her eyes overwhelms me. I feel it throughout my body. Memories of the past several years flood my system. Faces of the lives I've destroyed fill my head. All the isolation, obsession, and pain echoes throughout my bones. My shoulders rock as I become lost in the tide of horror. As suddenly as it came on it stops. A void is left in its place. My eyes water and tears begin to flow down my scarred face. My arms wrap around her and I sob into her shoulder like a little girl. She chuckles softly. Peace radiates from her. She's a rock. A calm source of insurmountable strength. Her arms hold me tight in a caring embrace. The strength of her voice increases as she speaks.)

You've made the right choice.

(What choice? I didn't make one. Before I can ask what she's talking about something in her shifts and her response is quick and jovial.)

Brace yourself. This is going to hurt...a lot.

(The light radiating from her body begins increasing to an unbearable degree. My body feels as if it is engulfed in a white hot flame. The tears from my face evaporate into nothingness. A loud, roaring scream of agony escapes my body as it is overwhelmed by the inferno that use to be the one who called herself my heart. Before my eyes shut from the pain I watch the mirror shatter with the thing inside. All the muscles in my body tighten to an unimaginable degree. My back arches up as my arms grip at nothing. Just as the pain reaches its crescendo I feel my insides turn to ash as the fire fills my veins and organs and burns them out. Then everything stops. It's now I realize my screaming has subsided. My hands are balled up fists as my muscles try to relax, but are unable to. Steam rises from my body. My skin is cool and covered in sweat. I open my eyes to find neither of them around. It's just me. I feel broken. I feel whole.)

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