Undisclosed Location

(My fate was decided by a vote. I managed to claim gold without the darkness coming to claim me. God mode was proved to be the joke it was. Dynamo vanished from the world a broken man. With the title's slate now clean, as well as my own, I was left with the decision of who to give the shot to. The answer came to me without thought. If my shot was decided by something as trivial as a vote, I might as well make my decision based on something just as random. The night before I announced the contender I drew his name out of a hat. Fate smiled on Dude Job. The same could not be said for the contents of the box in my arms. A box that will never see the light of day again if I can help it. The PDA title must never be found.

I brought it out alone. Not even Ember must know its location lest she be tempted to reunite with its evil. This belt thrives on the darker aspects of human nature. It twists what it touches into something unrecognizable. It harvests the evil of man. I can't allow it to claim anymore victims. I'd felt immune to it before regaining my humanity. Now I can feel its every twisted desire as if it were Zack Perry in belt form. I put the box to the side and grab a shovel. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. So I dig. I dig till my gloves are worn down and I'm covered in layers of dirt and mud. I climb slowly out of the hole I've created. I hunch over at the top and take a moment to catch my breath. The belt in the box is my sole focus. My eyes don't leave it. I pick it up and look down into the prison I've created for it. There's a part of me that doesn't want to let it go. That's the hold this thing has over people.)

There was a time where I would happily have sewn you to my own flesh. You represented all that I was. All that I knew. We were the same...

(A silent battle of wills plays out quickly. Mine is stronger.)

Now..well sorry...I'm going to see other belts. Enjoy your grave. You'll never touch human flesh again...

(With that said, I toss it to the bottom. I don't regret it. I'm not done. Just burying it will never be enough. I can't take the risk that an interested party would locate and dig it up. I pour two buckets of cement on it and smooth it over to make sure it doesn't crack when it dries. I climb back up and rest while it dries. I only hope the multiple precautions I've taken will be enough. Very deep hole, cement, and a couple nasty surprises built into the box. Anyone dumb enough to come after it will lose a hand before they can even put it on. Some things are too dangerous for the world.

Some people are too. Perry isn't dangerous because of what he can physically do. He's a threat because he infests everything he touches...like a contagion. He talked like he knew what was best for me. Like he knew what I needed. Talked of me being his creation, his daughter. Funny, since what he really wants is for me to be my father. He thought he could provoke me and claim the result as the true me. Like my mother hasn't done that for the entirety of our relationship. I know that play. It won't work. I am not my father. There's a very big difference between us...I reclaimed my heart. Something that isn't possible for him. His heart was removed long before he became Darkstar and forgot what his birthname was.

I'm not saying there wasn't a part deep down inside that wasn't interested. I won't lie to myself. The darkness was burned out of me, but I know that somewhere deep down it's there. Just waiting for its opening. I don't intend to give it one. Perry is going to have to do better than that to get what he desires. I don't intend to be his personal monster.

Once everything looks dry enough I grab my shovel once more and get to work. By the time I'm through no one will ever even know anything was dug up here. I'll seal it like I did the evil in myself. Neither can be allowed free again.)

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