(The Evas and Moxies of the world will never understand anything outside themselves. They view the planet as existing solely to provide them with their petty desires. Their entitlement is boundless. For awhile I pitied them. It is truly sad to be so lost. Pity becomes difficult to maintain, however, when someone chooses to remain lost. Chooses to never look beyond themselves. I, like them, don't fully comprehend this world we exist in. I'm not from this world. I grew up on my own, watching it from afar. I've now been here for six years, but I'll never truly be a part of it. So how can so many be a part of it while choosing to reside solely within themselves?

Moxie wasted her breath, and my time, telling me about how she'd prove her friendship. Nothing came of it. Why did she bother? What purpose did that conversation serve? I truly am curious. It's things like this that I don't understand. Was there an inkling of truth mixed in with the agenda that drove her to that conversation or was all of it as empty as I suspect? What was she trying to accomplish? I see no possible gain as the outcome. My former tag partner may be so far lost that she felt that conversation would give her some kind of advantage. To me it was nothing more than the nonsensical ramblings of a confused child. I fear some day she will look in the mirror and see the lies she's told herself for what they are. When the spotlight fades so will her self worth.

Eva is no better. She has become disoriented. Blinded in the mist. Her confusion is so great that her sexuality changes at random. Whichever sicophant can placate her ego the most will share her bed that day. The year nears its end and the most she has accomplished is bragging about a couple of awards and making excuses for her losses. Yet, everyone still gets to hear about it being her year. The woman talks endlessly. She talks till she condradicts herself. Then she talks some more. She talks till all coherence is lost and nobody has a clue as to what she is saying. Till the listener has either run away in frustration or shoves a pencil in their ear to make the horrible sound stop. I can't bother to pay attention to her constant babbling anymore. I just don't care.

Now I"m about to face both of them. I thought with facing two opponents at once I'd be enthusiastic. Sadly, I am not. What am I truly fighting for? It's not about the title. I don't care about adulation, recognition, fame, or wealth. I thought it was competition, but fighting inept children in the sandbox has done little for me. It's not for what's right or I would have attacked Redemption at every opportunity. It if is none of these things than I am only fighting for the sake of fighting. Fighting because it's all I know. Because it's what my genetics tell me to do. If that's the case than have I changed at all? Maybe my opponents aren't the only ones who are lost...)

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