October 11th

(My anger is great. My hatreds many. It's my strength that has carried me through all these years. It's all anyone is supposed to need. It's all that is supposed to matter. Maybe I've never perfected it as much as I once thought. I don't remember my life before my lover killed me the first time. Just that he let me fall. Let me die. Before he became Darkstar, and I became Andrea Raven, we had different names. Different lives. When I returned I thrived on my love/hatred for him. I wanted revenge. I wanted his love. I wanted the feelings to leave. Exist by my strength alone. I destroyed countless enemies. Crushed more lives than I can bother to remember. Ended up as the left hand of the woman who formed the Dark Assassins. I helped to breathe life into an organization designed to bring about death. Became its second in command. I'm still proud of these accomplishments. I went about my revenge on Darkstar. Tested my might against his. Yet, I found myself in an endless debate on whether to kill him or be with him. I hated it. It made me crazy. For awhile I thought it was power. That I alone determined his fate. That he was my property to do with as I would. I killed anyone that got close to what was mine. It's why Demonica no longer exists. It's also why the bastard killed me a second time.

Eventually I began to wonder if it was weakness. If my strength was so absolute, how could I have developed such attachment? An attachment that left my enemy/lover alive. I hated him for invoking such human emotion in me. Truthfully, at times, I still do. Didn't stop me from moving in with him upon meeting our daughter. Eclipse. My confusion only increased with my interaction with her. More weakness. I could feel it in her. Smell the stench of humanity. Feel that weakness reaching out from her to try and touch me. Made me sick. My real daughter was in there somewhere. Buried within the contagion of humanity. I couldn't stand to look upon her. Then my true spawn began shedding those trappings. She fought off those weaknesses and cast them aside. She freed herself and became something I recognized. Something I was inwardly proud of. I grew fond of her.

Then the little whelp fell apart. That thing took over her body again. This human...thing...absorbed her so completely that almost no trace of my daughter was left. It was then I realized that I loved Eclipse. My weakness had multiplied. First him, now her. I no longer relied solely on myself. I don't know how it happened, but some small part of me had come to emotionally depend on them. How disgusting. I hadn't noticed it until she was ripped from me and replaced with that thing. With every fiber of my being filled with hatred I intended to solve the problem. He stopped me. Convinced me to let her find her own way. I should never have listened. I've tried extremely hard to change how I view her. To see that thing as my confused daughter rather than as some parasite wearing her skin while she suffers. I'm just not sure I can. Now her arm is at risk for permanent damage or loss. The weakness of humanity has so infested her body now that it has become brittle and frail. How pathetic. If I don't do something now there will be nothing left of this shell for my true daughter to return to. I can't allow that.

The passengers of the stolen ambulance I'm driving are all doctors. The three of them are the only doctors on the Dark Assassins payroll. They are never in the same place at the same time. With all our field staff being deployed over an extensive chunk of the globe we can't afford to keep them in one place. So we dispatch them separately as needed. I don't care. I need them right now. She needs them. I stop down the road from where one of my spies has told me she is staying. I look over at the doctors to make sure they understand my next words clearly.)

I expect there to be zero mistakes. Do not disappoint me.

(I exit the vehicle and approach the house. I don't have time to discuss things and allow her to get on her guard. I pull out the tranquilizer gun. One of the doctors assured me that it's strong enough to put her out. My movement doesn't slow at all as I kick down the door of the one room shack and find her staring at me, ready to attack. She sensed my presence. Surprise registers on her beautiful, scarred face.)


Time to do something about that arm.

(Her moment of hesitation makes things easier as I raise the gun quickly and fire a tranq into her chest. Betrayal and anger flashes her features. I don't have time to care about her little feelings right now. I fire another tranq in her as lunges at me. She's off balance due to the darts and her arm. I shove her aside. Ember strikes at my blindside silently from out of nowhere. Nice tactic, but I can feel the movement. She gets my gun to her face for her trouble. I shoot her with two darts as well, before sweeping her legs. We'll take them both. They both struggle to get up. We really don't have time for this. I tranq them both again before calling out to the ambulance through my com.)

Let's go.

(I look down at Eclipse as her struggle begins to subside. This was the only way this would happen. So much like her father.)

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