(Everything is black. I'm drifting through nothingness. It's a moment before I'm even aware of what I'm called. Eclipse. Strange sensations tug at me that I can't place. Where am I? Why am I here? As I continue floating through emptiness, images begin to flood within me. I was attacked. I see a gun...and a face. It's difficult to focus. Who is that? Mother...Suddenly my floating ends. It's as if I've suddenly had thousands of pounds attached to me. I struggle to stay where I am, but fail miserably. I drop. Hard and fast. I crash. Darkness becomes painful light as my mind reconnects with my body. A body that seems unable to move no matter how hard I try. In a panic, I thrash violently against the unknown. I'm startled as a voice cuts through the silence I was trapped in.)

Try to calm down. You're just going to make it worse.

(I don't know this person. I don't recognize the scents that fill my nostrils. I force my eyes open to find only blurs. After a moment they recede. A woman stands over me. Her layered hair is a brownish blonde. She steps forward. I thrash to lash out at her, but get nowhere. I look down to see I'm in restraints. My left arm seems even more difficult to move than my right. It's now I notice it's covered in bandages. I look back and forth between the woman and my arm. What have they done? She was in my body against my will. I want to choke the life from her. I continue my struggle against the restraints. All I need is one free arm. The woman takes a couple steps back when she realizes the murderous intent in my eyes. Just as I feel like I'm making progress a hand firmly comes to rest on my chest.)

Knock it off Eclipse. I did this to you. Not her.

(My eyes move from the doctor, flash across crimson hair, and come to rest on the black eyes of my mother. My anger is amplified as the sting of betrayal sinks into my heart. How could she?! Damn her! I start fighting my restraints again. For once in my life I don't care that she might kill me or disapprove of me. I want free and I want her blood. She sighs, only enticing the rage I'm now courting. She disabled me to let a doctor operate on me and she must pay!)

Oh for fuck's sake. Did you really have to inherit your father's fear of doctors?

(Just as I feel one of the restraints beginning to tear, I'm stopped. Her hand firmly grips my right arm. Her other hand grabs my face to keep me from being able to bite, or headbutt, her as she leans in to whisper in my ear.)

I couldn't let you lose the use of your arm. Focus on healing. Now calm yourself so you can see your apprentice.

(Did she just express concern for me? My resolve to bring her harm is shattered. Deep down I'm a little girl seeking Mommy's approval. I hate how she makes me feel. I let go of my anger and try to get a handle on my fear. It's not easy, but I manage. She turns and leaves the room without another word. I thought I had her all figured out finally. Maybe I don't understand her much at all. My thoughts turn away from the tattered cloth that is my relationship with my mother as Ember enters the room. Everything distorts as exhaustion, and probably drugs, sets in. I'm out before I can say a word.)

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