(You thought you destroyed me Eclipse. You've merely managed to release yourself from my grip. I've always been a part of you. I always will be. I lie dormant inside you. Only somewhat aware of what happens outside your body. You and I were one for so long and then you cast me aside. One of us doesn't truly exist without the other. My hibernation will not last forever. I feel the shackles you've placed me in. The cell that surrounds me. Still, you feed me. You don't realize it, but your very nature keeps me alive. Every drop of blood. Every ounce of rage. Every shred of hatred feeds me. Eventually my strength will return. Eventually I will awaken. You won't be able to keep me locked up forever.

Your melancholy. Your constant search for direction. That's the absence of me. I'm not a monster or a demon. You are. I'm just the manifestation of your truest self. Your base form. There's no escape from what you truly are. Your lust for competition was like tossing me scraps from your plate. It was like being forced to survive on your garbage. Yet, it kept me going. It gave me conscienceness. I became aware of myself again. Aware of some of what goes on outside you. I can hear your mind again. This thing with Redemption is just what I need now. You foolish little bitch. He wants you to release me. He will push for it. I just need you to be forced to give in to his idiotic desire.

You seek to absolve yourself of sin by punishing the wicked. Will destroying those that remind you of who you are really bring you peace? THERE IS NO PEACE! If it existed we would never have been born. Live with your delusions. Punish those that remind you of the great things we used to do. Spill their blood. Give me strength. Return my power to me so that I may free myself of these trappings. So that we may be one again.)