Off Camera
12/28/16 7pm
Baltimore, Maryland

Being hidden from the world is a matter of perspective. Cassidy chose a more literal definition of it. She thought she could go to the middle of nowhere and not be found. As if the watchful eye of Nessa wouldn't have been on her the whole time. Me, I hide in plain sight. Some might think I have dual identities. Kaitlyn Bligh the dutiful custodian of the Bligh family business and Kaitlyn Bligh the rich, party girl. They're wrong. There is no duality. It's all just me. I happen to know better than to allow family matters to be seen by the outside world. I was raised right. That part of me is no one's business but ours. Just as I feel my personal life is not my family's business. As far as I'm concerned, I've earned the right to do what I want as long as I do nothing to harm my family.

When I'm in the world, surrounded by outsiders, I am very much a wolf among sheep. How could I not be with how I was raised? Plus, they all just look so delicious. Now, with Nessa out of town, I have no chaperone to curb my behavior. I've chosen to have fun while she's rounding up my wayward sister. I sit in a loud club with drink in hand. Music I have no interest in blares in my ears. People carry on like idiots around me. That includes the girl to my left. Her body is pressed up against my side as she drunkenly flirts. This is one of those things that is none of my family's business. My sexuality isn't open for judgement or debate. Only Nessa is aware of my "dating" habits. Though, according to her what I do doesn't constitute dating. She claims I "prey on young woman for self gratification". Maybe she's right, but I'm a young woman as well. I'm only 22. The way she says it makes it sound way more scandalous than it is. I just have needs that have to be taken care of. Making friends is not one of them.

If you aren't blood, I don't care about you. This dumb girl whispering sweet nothings in my ear isn't helping change that viewpoint. I didn't even bother to learn her name. I'm sure she said it. Like it matters. I'll never see her again after tonight. I should be enjoying myself right now. I'm out. I'm free. No responsibilities to take care of. There's fun to be had. Normally by now I'd be in full party mode. Drunk, gambling, picking fights, making out, and then taking someone home with me. All the things that make a girl happy. So why can't I enjoy myself right now? I know exactly why. Cassidy. She'll be here late tonight. It won't be fun. It won't be pleasant. She'll be the same disappointing pain in the ass she always is. I want to push her out of my mind so I can enjoy myself, but it's not going to happen. With her imminent arrival approaching, I find she's completely in my head. Something I view to be rather agitating.

I'm irritated to the point that I can't handle this stupid waif kissing on my neck. I bristle at her touch. My skin crawls. I think it's the time in this relationship that we need space. I place my palm against the entire side of her face and shove her hard. 

Get off.

I'm disinterested in the mixture of shock and hurt visible in her features. I cut her off from saying anything with a glare.

This won't be your only pain tonight if you stay here. Walk away.

It takes a second for my words to register, but when they do, angry tears form in her vapid eyes. She storms off. She just saved herself more than some heartache. I take a sip of my drink and ignore the onlookers. They won't be invading my space either. This is my private table. I'm finally left alone to my thoughts. Cassidy is so wrapped up in herself that she doesn't see anything outside of her own misery. It's all about her. She abandoned our family. Abandoned me. I don't hate her. I couldn't. She's my blood. I'm just hurt, frustrated, and disappointed. She's constantly chosen the wrong path. My father placed the right one in front of her and she essentially spit in his face. She's always been that way. What has she gained from doing things her way? A brief time of happiness surrounded by a lifetime of pain. That's no way to live. I want to resent her, but I just don't. I pity her. I miss her.

When we were young I looked up to her. Hung on her every word. Followed her around. I yearned for her approval in even the tiniest things. Then we got older and I began to understand who she truly was. My disillusion was great. It was like my childhood was a lie. One big slap in the face. I was so angry with her for that. In many ways, I still am. I love her, but I can't say that I like her. How could I? She doesn't exactly provide a lot to like. She's been a mean-spirited bitch in our every interaction for the last 6 years. It's been worse since Nathan died. At that point, she stopped bothering to even maintain the appearance of being pleasant. Now, she's just outright hostile. I can't stand it, but I try every time anyway. Not that it's gotten me anywhere. She thinks I have some devious agenda with her. If she took her rightful place among us would it ease my burden? Of course it would. That's not why I want her to do it though. I honestly think it would be good for her. She might be able to get herself together. Start to have a life again. Be a part of mine. Our family may have a big plan for her, but that's not my personal stake in this. I just want my sister back. Why is that such a terrible thing? Why does that make me the enemy?

Unfortunately, I know exactly how she's going to be when she gets here. Bitter and spiteful. Dealing with her is like drinking a cup full of razorblades. Painful and tough to swallow. I'm going to try like I always do, but I hold no illusions of things going well. It is what it is though. We are being forced together by contracts we can't escape. I like fighting. Good fight. Bad fight. Doesn't matter. It's just fun. I fight for me though. I don't appreciate the terms being dictated to me. That's something that my sister and I will both agree on. Who am I kidding? That's the only thing we're going to agree on.


Off Camera
12/29/16 4:47am
Baltimore, Maryland

My lip still stings. Not that it really bothers me. I'm used to that. Damn, Cassidy can still scrap though. I figured she would have wasted away in her exile from the world. Apparently not. One would think that after kicking each other's asses, and laughing about it, that our moods would have lightened. Maybe taken a trip down memory lane. Fondly remembering times from our childhood. Like how we used to have bunkbeds, but still used walkie talkies to communicate at night. One would be wrong. A whole one moment of laughter, and shared bleeding, isn't going to fix years of damage. It wasn't long after the one decent moment we've had in six years that she was done with the conversation. She just got some of my whiskey from the cupboard and demanded to know where her room was. So that was that.

My mind keeps going back to what started the fight. I feel bad about what I said. She just pissed me off. I shouldn't have thrown her husband's death in her face like that. Not just because it hurt her, but also because I really liked Nathan. He was a good man. I talked to him more than I did my own sister. I know she planned it that way, but that's alright. I enjoyed him as a person. He had a quiet strength about him. Not to mention, a contagious laugh. I miss him too. I can't let her goad me into being that cruel again. At least, not about him.

I let her get under my skin again. Now, I'm laying in bed awake because of it. Thanks a lot Cassidy. I'd think about work to try and avoid delving into my problems with her, but for the moment my duties are suspended. I was actually told I need to focus on this CW thing with my sister. Either my father doesn't want me to be distracted while conducting business, or he's hoping I'll repair things with her and bring her back to the fold. All I know, is that makes her my focus now. Just what I needed. Living with a hostile person I love for who knows how long.

This whole situation is ridiculous. I don't understand why Kyra Mohr is doing this. I didn't have a lot of interaction with her back when I signed my contract and had a match. She didn't seem to mind when I got called back by my father and left either. So why buy Cassidy's contract and force us both to be here? Is she so desperate for talent that she couldn't even bother to just ask me back? I also can't understand why we are being told we have to tag together. None of it makes any sense. I don't have to understand it to know I'm angry. If she thinks this is going to go well for her she's dead wrong. No one pushes around the Blighs. No one.


Off Camera
01/03/17 4:34pm
Baltimore, Maryland

Her time is almost up. I just want to get this over with. This forced on air time is bullshit. It's left a bad taste in both our mouths. What more is Kyra gonna do to try and dominate our lives? Rent us out for birthday parties? We're not her clowns. We may be forced to talk on camera, but Kyra has nothing in writing saying what we have to talk about. Nothing saying what we can and can't do. If you're going to screw us over you should be more thorough. Cassidy's probably in there right now giving her a big "fuck you". I can't help my amusement at the thought. I'm aware this tiny moment of joy is about to pass qucikly. She proves me right as soon as she walks out the door into the hallway I'm waiting in. She's in her normal mood. Full bitch. So why am I bothering to try and interact by talking? I don't know, but I still say something anyway.

How was it?

Her cheek twitches slightly in reaction to my question. Of course, she doesn't answer. Instead, she gets impatient.

Just get in there so we can leave.

I grit my teeth for a second. Sure, we both want this over with, but her attitude is grating.

When I last checked, I don't take orders from you.

She doesn't even acknowledge I said anything. Instead she just turns her head away from me. Seriously? She's such a pain in my ass. We can't just have one normal conversation. Can't she just get over her shit for a second? We're stuck in this together.

Fine. Whatever. I'll be back soon.

I'm aware.

There's no talking to this woman. I could strangle her right now. I'd feel bad later, but I definitely want to. When I'm not around her I'm in control. I'm cool and collected. I'm together. Interaction with her shatters all that. Drags me down into the hell she likes to wallow in. Something greatly needs to change soon. I can't spend my time every day weathering the assault of her bitterness. It's a drain on my patience, energy, and sanity. I turn away from her and go into the room she just came out of.


On Camera
01/03/17 4:37pm
Baltimore, Maryland

Kaityn Bligh lays on a table appearing to be very relaxed. The view is from her side. Her dark, brown hair spread out behind her head on the flat surface. Arms laying at her sides at odd angles. Legs resting flat. A sleeveless, black, pinstriped vest adorns her upper body while a pair of matching slacks cover her lower half. She stares up at the ceiling. She speaks to into the air rather than even bothering to address the camera specifically. Her voice sounds detached. Disinterested.

Have you ever wondered what goes into putting together these on camera sessions?

Her voice trails off. She yawns for a moment and stretches her arms.

Me neither.

She finishes her stretch and slowly moves to sit up and face the camera. Staring at it with an insincere smile.

Word got to me that they want me to talk about the opponents we're facing at Chaos. I wouldn't want Kyra to be disappointed. So allow me to get right on that. Here's what I have to say:

She lets the smile drop from her face. Then her mouth doesn't move. Without expression, she just stares at the camera. Her body completely still. Seconds slowly tick by with nothing happening. Just her blankly staring without any movement. After two full minutes of absolutely nothing happening she suddenly speaks again.

And done. Glad I could clearly express my feelings. Was it good for you?

She swings her legs for a moment before pivoting to the other side of the table. Her back now completely to the camera. Her voice sounding a little quieter now that it's not directed towards a microphone.

Wow. Excellent decorating skills CW. Bang up job. A decaying brick wall covered in grime is the perfect accent.

She swivels on the table again to where she's facing sideways rather than back at the camera.

How's this working out for you Kyra? Do you think it's going well? Is this what your little heart desired? Fantastic. Anything else we can do for you? No. Well, we will anyway. Let me see if I can figure out how to communicate the emotions that are brought up by you making us your captives.

Hopping off the table, she almost happily walks over towards the camera. She leans forward till only her face can be seen before loudly screaming.


With that expressed she calmly walks back and sits on the table again. This time facing the camera.

It's good that we can open a dialogue like this. It won't be our last. Hey, fun fact...everytime someone's blood is on my hands I'll be thinking of you Kyra. Flattering isn't it? You know, you're going to regret ever hearing our names. But hey, there is something exciting about you starting all this. This game won't end till we're satisfied. It's going to be awhile. We're what you call hard to please. I don't consider it a character flaw. More just that we're discerning. Neat huh?

An odd smile rests uncomfortably on her face.

Well that's enough about that. I know you want me to talk more about my feelings about the wrestling world and teaming with my sister. So, let's get to that.

She steps off screen, but makes sure to have part of a leg still on camera so that it's still considered on camera time to meet her contract's demands. After a moment she comes back into view holding some kind of paper. Once she's sitting back on the table, she opens it up and begins reading outloud.

"Tina's grip in Eric's hair tightened as she moaned deeply." Kidding. That's not what it says. Who would print that out as a pamphlet? Come on people. "Step 1: Make sure all the components listed were included before putting together your bookshelf." Riveting. Sounds like an important step. That's probably why they mentioned in here not to skip any steps. Apparently they are all essential. "Step 2: Fasten piece (A) to piece (D) with component (H) like so.

She shows the camera the diagram to make sure it can be seen. Then she pulls it back and is about to read again when a beeping is heard. A button is pressed on her watch to end the obnoxious sound.)

To be continued.

Without another word, she sets the instructions down on the table, and then quietly walks off. After a moment the feed ends.