Settle Down

Fallon: There's nothing here. From everything on public record Holbrook appears to be clean. They are involved in close to fifty charities.

I toss the paperwork onto the table in front of me. This search is turning up nothing.

Fiona: There's got to be more. Look at how weird Felicia got with me.

She's right, but I wasn't exactly expecting to find a document that said "evil corporation involved in bad things". I think things through carefully. She allows me to have the silence to do so.

Fallon: If Holbrook is involved with this Factory I don't think we're going to find anything publicly available admitting to it.

I can tell this isn't going over well. She shifts in her seat while her face scrunches up as if she ate something sour.

Fiona: Then why did we bother with this exactly?

What other choice did we really have? Someone wanted us to do this when they sent that folder. Still, I can't help but feel like we are being toyed with.

Fallon: Because we had to. It's not that I thought we'd find anything that would spell it out for us, but I was hoping for some kind of discreprancy. There's nothing. I've never seen a corporation that was this squeaky clean. Usually there's more lawsuits.

A sigh escapes my lips. I close my eyes and rub the bridge of my nose for a moment. We've been pushing on this all week. I'm as frustrated as she is, but getting mad isn't going to solve this. She stands up abruptly causing her chair to scrape on the kitchen floor. The noise breaks me from my thoughts. I open my eyes to find her sneering at me.

Fiona: Forget about all that crap! What we need to do is go up to Washington and beat down our oh-so-loving, big sister until she tells us what we want to know. Beat her, put a gun to her head, whatever. I don't care. Whatever it takes!

I can't help but shake my head. The mentality of "whatever it takes" is a dangerous one. It almost never ends well. Usually what it ends up taking is the person who decided to use the philosophy in the first place. Besides, she's talking about our family. I snap at her without actually raising my voice.

Fallon: Fiona! Think about what you're saying.

She shoves her chair back in anger.

Fiona: As far as I'm concerned she's a part of all of this. I want answers now.

I don't stand up. There's no need for me to get in her face just because she's acting like an idiot. Angrily jumping off a cliff isn't going to solve any of this. Sometimes I wish she could see that.

Fallon: That's our sister you're talking about. We're not doing it. Get it out of your head now. We'll find another way.

She snorts dismissively.

Fiona: I'm going to get some air.

Fallon: You do that. Oh, and quit putting cigarette butts under the porch.

She almost stops walking for a moment, but instead chooses to extend her middle finger at me over her shoulder as she leaves the room. Lovely. I guess she didn't think I knew she was smoking when she'd run away to the front porch. Like I couldn't smell it when I'd come out there right after she'd finish. Whatever. At this point I need her to calm down.


It's been hours since our argument earlier. Things have calmed down since her outburst. That and she's found something else to transfer her anger to for the moment. In an effort to give ourselves a break from this Factory business I thought we could get our minds back on wrestling. Then Fiona saw Alexis Maize. She of course immediately invested herself emotionally into the whole thing. Me, I don't see the point of wasting my energy.

Fiona: That little b***h! Who does she think she is?

Who cares? That'd be the better question.

Fallon: Let it go.

She almost looks shocked at my words. As if they had assaulted her or something.

Fiona: Let it go? Let it go?! Yeah, that's not happening.

I knew it wasn't. I wish it would. I just really don't care.

Fallon: I have no desire to get involved in name calling bickering. We're not in jr. high. Let's just focus on beating her and her partner on the 20th and leave it at that. Just because someone manages to string some words together to form a sentence doesn't mean they're worth listening to.

She shakes her head.

Fiona: No, I'm gonna hurt her.

I shrug. What does that have to do with words?

Fallon: Then do it, but shut up about it.

It doesn't take a psychic to know she isn't happy with me. You'd have to be missing three senses to not realize that.

Fiona: Why don't you ever get it Fal? These people aren't just talking smack. They're smearing us to the world. They're...

I interrupt her. It descreases her happiness further I'm sure.

Fallon: More to part of Arizona actually.

She flashes me a dirty look.

Fiona: God, you're frustrating. They're not just smearing our PART OF ARIZONA...They're assaulting our pride. They are trying to make fools of us.

I can't help but roll my eyes. This is stupid.

Fallon: The fool is the one who is blinded by pride.

Her face contorts in complete frustration.

Fiona: Sometimes it's like there's no talking to you. Do you know how annoying that is?

Actually, yes.

Fallon: As annoying as this conversation I assume.