Haunting Decision

Seattle. We haven't been back here in awhile. We were born and raised here. Once we decided to wrestle we left and never looked back. Our father and sister are still here. This trip isn't a visit though. We're here for Mom's safety deposit box. The bank wasn't isn't very busy. We find the first free teller who runs off to fetch a real banker. We sit down in some ugly chairs and wait. After about 10 minutes a well dressed man shows up to greet us. He's graying, but not old yet. We stand while he pushes his glasses up with a finger. He shakes our hands.

Banker: Hi, I'm Ted Williams. Welcome to 1st National. If you'd just follow me I can get you taken care of.

We follow Ted over to a desk. He opens a ledger.

Ted: Please sign here Miss Parker. I do as asked. Then he leads us back to the safety deposit area. I pull out my key. He pulls out one. We both unlock the box before he pulls it out. Ted: I'll lead you ladies to a private booth so you can look through this in peace. We walk down a hallway before he stops and pulls a red curtain open. He sets the box on the table inside. Ted: Is there anything else I can help you with. We both shake our heads. Fallon: No Ted. Thanks. He walks off, shutting the curtain to the room. Fiona and I look at each other for a long moment before she nods at me. I nod back and turn my attention to the box. The anticipation of what might be in here is killing us. My fingers trace the lid before I finally am able to compose myself enough to flip the lid open. The first thing we see are some stacks of money. 100's wrapped tightly. I pause a moment before pulling all the money out and setting it aside. Underneath it I find some paperwork. My mother's passport being the first thing I notice. I look it over and find she's been to several different countries. There's also a plane ticket to Tokyo. My heart stops a moment. Fallon: Fi, this is dated for two days before Mom died... The features of her face tighten. Her hand makes it way to my shoulder while I place the ticket in her other hand. She looks it over while I delve through the paperwork in the box. One of them catches my eye immediately. It's a note in her handwriting. A note to us... To my daughters, There's so much I want to tell the three of you. I'm afraid that I'm short on time though. If you've found this note than I am no longer alive. I'm truly sorry. You're all so young and not ready for the burden that our lives carry, so I couldn't tell you. By now you're old enough to have found this note and understand. As I write this I am terrified. FPS479 has been green lit and I'm afraid it's gone out of control. I'm trying to stop it, but the Factory is keeping it well guarded. I know I'm being followed. If you've managed to find this box it means you already know that Holbrook and the Factory are one in the same. Be very careful girls. Please don't delve further. There's nothing positive that can come from it. Please just live your lives and be happy. That's all I've ever wanted for you. Take the money in here and use it towards whatever makes you happy. I wish I could tell you everything, but it's for your own safety that I don't. Instead I can only tell you that I'm so sorry you grew up without me. I wish I could be there to see you all grow up into the wonderful women that you must now be. No matter what, remember, I love you with all my heart. The three of you were all I ever wanted. Take care of yourselves. Don't pursue anything involved with the Factory. It's all I ask of you. I love you, Mom I reread the note several times before even looking up at Fiona. Both our eyes are watery. My chest aches. Fiona and I hug tightly before I finally say something. Fallon: She knew she was going to be killed.... I let that sink in before continuing. Fiona, for once, is patient. Fallon: She wanted us to let this all drop. To just walk away and live our lives. I stare at the floor in deep thought before looking up to see my sister's eyes. She stands there, tense. Her voice is quiet, but steely as she talks. Fiona: So what are we going to do? The only thing I can do. Sorry Mom. I know you asked this as your final wish, but it's one I can't grant you. Fallon: We press on anyway. It's almost as if relief crosses her features. She wanted to continue on as well. I knew I could count on her without asking her. Fallon: Put everything in the bag and let's get out of here. She does as I ask. Fiona: What next? Fallon: We find out what FPS479 is.