Dirt On My Hands

Fallon doesn't get it. I don't think she ever will. I probably have to accept that, but I don't have to like it. People like Alexis and Bambi have walked all over people since they first learned to stand up. It's been going on since the beginning of time. It'll go on till the end. Fal may not care to talk to these people, but I do. I sit on the back of a chair in front of the camera I set up. My hair is tied back. I'm in relaxed clothing. A tank top and a pair of jeans. Nothing major. Don't need an evening dress just to talk on camera for a few minutes. I'm not pretentious. I stare into the camera with a smirk.

Fiona: Wow Alexis. I'm impressed. You do know more than three words. Nice job. Looks like Sylvan Learning Center is really working out for you. Hopefully they'll work on math with you soon. The four of you don't weight less than the two of us. Take your time when adding things up. When you rush you make mistakes. You know, Toothpick, what I find amusing is that you are right. You are skinnier than me. Anorexia will do that. According to any height/weight chart you look at you are so underweight that in order to be healthy you'd have to be about 5'4". Oh, and what do you know, I'm well within range. Maybe you should try eating something or, perhaps, working out, or maybe grow some breasts. I'm just saying, you have some options there.

I pause for a moment.

Fiona: You appear to have a great life. You can name a few TV networks. Is that what you spend your time doing while not eating? Just watching TV? I mean, I know you take the time to throw yourself at men while telling them you expect something in return. Would that be crack or meth? Either one of these things would explain why you are so far underweight. Oh, and by the way, that's called prostitution. You might wanna find a better day job. You really can't expect much in return for sleeping with people. Men don't like sleeping with a broomstick wrapped in a dress. I just thought you should know. I'm concerned.

In some ways I almost feel bad for her....wait, no I don't. I run a hand through my hair before looking back up at the camera.

Fiona: As far as us being charity cases. I think it would be considered fraud if we accepted anything from anyone. I mean with your Ethiopian body you need the charity far more than we do. Luckily three women did take pity on you and allow you to join their merry little group of sexual deviants. Cool. Girl power and stuff. You go show that big ole world that you can get off your back and try to trick men into losing. It's win/win for you Precious. You either trick them into losing a match or you go for the big score and trick them into being with you for a price. You are ever the poster child for women's lib. Awesome.

I put my hands up as if to stop her from protesting my compliments.

Fiona: No, no, you deserve it. I'm really impressed. I mean look at all you've accomplished so far. There's....and....well...there's...well you've managed to talk a lot. That counts for something. Oh and you've gotten into an argument with a a guy who thinks he's living an 80's television show. The sky is the limit for you Cupcake.

I drop the act. The smile drains from my face. There is no more amusement. No more fun and games. No more clever little words. Just the violence that dances in my bitter eyes.

Fiona: You should have just kept your mouth shut. You should have just left us alone. We would have gone on not noticing you existed. You would have been happier. It's too late for that now. I NEED to hurt you. I need to feel your blood on my hands. I won't say it's nothing personal. It's always personal. You've managed to inspire me to violence. Be ready to be filled with regret. We'll see you on the 20th. Bring your sidekick.

I don't blink. I don't budge. I can feel things twisting inside as my mind shifts to the person I hate even more. Someone I'd like to watch choke to death on her own blood...Bambi Montgomery.

Fiona: Don't think we've forgotten you Barbi. I'm not even close to finished with you. When we're done with the Toxic Twigs we're coming for you. Stock up on razorblades and henchmen. You're going to need them.

I lean forward before everything abruptly cuts to black.