No More

Fiona: Let's see what we've missed.

Fal stands behind the couch I'm sitting on. I snap up the remote and turn the channel over to promo tv. For some reason the screen is black. What the hell? Is the cable out? Then a box appears saying the station is blocked. It asks for an input code. Son of a....I hear a tiny amount of laughter behind me. I turn around somewhat.

Fiona: D****t Fallon! You did this.

A smirk is easily visible on her face. I stand up in anger.

Fiona: Fix it. Now.

She shakes her head. I exhale deeply. I'm not in the mood for this.

Fallon: Fi, forget it. I blocked it for a reason.

What possible reason could she have for blocking that channel? I take a step closer to her.

Fiona: I'm not going to forget it. Change it back.

Her smirk fades away to a more serious expression.

Fallon: I'm not doing it. You don't need to watch that crap. What's the point in you getting angry and talking on camera?

Fiona: How are we supposed to know what's going on? What's being said about us?

Her tone becomes slightly more abrasive. I can tell she's not going to give up on this.

Fallon: That's the point. Nothing these people say has any meaning. Nothing positive can come from listening to them. It just makes you mad and gets you wanting to hurt them. Which is what happens when you get in a fight anyway. So just assume they are saying things you don't like, but shut up about it. Hurt em and be done with it.

She's completely infuriating. Why can't she understand this is important? There's no talking to her. I lunge at her. She's surprised. We end up on the floor with me on top of her, trying to pin her down. I'm faster than she is. Getting this far was the easy part. The hard part....she's stronger than me. She flips me over and pins my arms down.

Fallon: Just stop. It's enough Fiona.

I struggle against her, but can't free my arms.

Fiona: It's not enough.

Quietly she stares into my eyes before speaking again. Anything to draw it out.

Fallon: It's ENOUGH. We're not fighting about this. Let it go. There's more important things for us to focus on. Get it together.

I try to roll out from under her, but it's not happening. I knee her in the butt, but she doesn't budge. After a long struggle I give up.

Fiona: Fine.....get off me.

She does, before extending her hand. I glare at her for a moment, not wanting to take her hand. Eventually I do though, and am helped to my feet.

Fiona: Sometimes it's hard being your sister.

She laughs a little.

Fallon: I know the feeling. Anyway, I'll be back in a bit. I've got some errands to run.

She straightens her clothes before heading out the front door. I watch her leave. D**n her. I grab the remote and throw it across the room. It breaks a vase, bringing a satisfying crash sound to my ears. Well, at least there's that.