Best Laid Plans of Agents and Friends

(The night that Summer took the course of action that got her banned, I was there. It was my teammate she slaughtered out there for all to see. I wasn't one of the skaters that intervened to stop the bloodshed. Summer's my best friend and was back then. I follow her play, as she would mine. I had no real connection with my teammates. I didn't go out for beers with them. I didn't call to chat with them. I didn't hang out at their houses. Unlike most teams, mine had no central connection. Nothing to keep us together. We all had our own agenda and didn't spend anytime together. We barely practiced. The rest of the league hated us because they thought we didn't care with our lack of following the traditional team protocols.

Of course my lack of stepping in scored me no points with the team. So when Summer was banned, my roller derby days were over. Unfortunately this meant I had to return home. Unlike Summer I didn't grow up with a loving family. I have two rich parents who think only of themselves and their money. Their only thoughts on me were how they could make me like them. So like all people that feel trapped. I acted out....a lot. Me staying with them again didn't last long so I moved out to one of their homes in another state. I'm not content to spend all my time thinking about money or status. That kind of mindset is repulsive. So I got out and looked for something to do with my life. Recently I've found a new job working for The Apollo Agency. I'm an agent. I had never planned on doing something like this, but I think it'll work out just fine.

Apollo has given me two weeks to sign a client to represent. So here I am in Italy. I had to put up my own money for this trip. The agency isn't going to pay the expenses for an international trip during your first week of work. Shock and surprise there. I stand a few feet from my best friend and prospective client. She eyes me silently. Nothing has been said since I walked up to her in front of her place. Don't get me wrong, we're best friends, but a more complicated relationship would be hard to find. The first thing I notice, as she looks me over is the feeling I get from her eyes. They hold the same kind of hollowness to them that they had back when people were pulling her off of her victim. I stand my ground.

I try to look at the rest of her to distract the thought that pulls at the back of my mind. The blonde hair is the same as it always was. Slightly curly and long. Her physique is better. Stronger. The thought tugs at me again. Is she going to attack? After the uncomfortably long silence she steps forward and speaks. Finally.)

Summer: What brings your rich ass all the way out here Vivian? I would have thought you'd be busy owning a corporation or some crap like that.

(Cute. Sounds like her personality hasn't changed. Still abrasive.)

Vivian: Nice to see you too. Have you gained weight?

(The corners of her mouth raise into a snarl-like smile.)

Summer: Well I don't have you to carry anymore. Guess it's made me soft.

(Yeah right. It looks like she hasn't done anything but work out since I last saw her. As much fun as it is to trade shots with the b*tch, I'd better get to the point. I've got a name to make off of my best friend. I step forward and we hug as briefly as possible. We're not really the caring and sharing type.)

Vivian: I didn't fly out here from California just to trade insults with your retarded ass. I'm here on business.

(A cock-eyed smile crosses her features in amusement. I wonder what she's thinking right now. We may be best friends, but trust isn't always our forte.)

Summer: Alright Viv. I'm curious. We'll talk inside.

(She guides me into an apartment that's seen better days. It's small, messy, and could use some paint. It's her kind of place. Still the architecture itself does have some charm. She throws some clothes off of the kitchen table and chairs before grabbing some beers from the fridge. We sit down and drink silently for a moment before it's obvious I have her full attention. She says nothing, but I know she's waiting for me to tell her what I want. I don't make her wait.)

Vivian I'm not an athlete anymore. I've got a new line of work. Here.

(I pull a folder from my briefcase and slide it across the table to her. She reads the company name on the outside of the folder. Not that it will help her. How would she know what the Apollo Agency is? She opens it and looks through. Truthfully I don't expect her to jump up and down and blindly sign the paperwork. I'm gonna have to convince her. The problem with her is she doesn't need an agent that badly. She only cares about the fight. I'm going to have to convince her that she needs the publicity to help her get better, more challenging fights. I'm not leaving this place unless she signs with me. Once I have her on board I can let my boss know that I signed someone over a week before my deadline. That should help my standing while I can try to work on my backup plan of signing other talent.

Signing Summer is a very short term solution. It makes it look like I'm good at my job to Apollo, but there is a downside. I have no idea how far Summer will go in this sport and I have no idea if she'll be able to manage staying out of trouble. It could be another time where she loses it and ends up arrested and off the roster. So I have to work towards signing other people. I've just gotta use my friend to get my start. Once I've got myself established she can lose control again and do whatever. It'll be a good show.)