Summer: Yeah, I'll hold...again.

(As soon as they're off the line I hang up the phone. I don't have time for this. Vivian wanted me to call her, but this is ridiculous. Just to get a hold of her I have to call long distance to the states, only for them to relay the call to her back here in Italy. She should have just left me the number because this is retarded. You know what? Screw her. If she wants something she knows where to find me. I signed her stupid contract. Now she has to do work to help me. Not the other way around. She needs me more than I need her.

I light a marb red and inhale the sweet aroma of toxic smoke. Gotta love it. Sometimes it's the little things in life that make you happy. It can be a cigarette, a drink, shedding someone else's blood. You know, the little things. Which reminds me. A drink would go very well with this cigarette. I stand and cross the room to pour myself a drink. Not a in a glass. I pour the vodka directly into my mouth and swallow. I feel the little bit of burn on the way day. That just tells me it's worth drinking. I pause for a second, catch my breath, and chug down a bit more. Gasping, I set the bottle down before wiping my mouth. Nothing like a power breakfast. After enjoying the last drag of my cigarette, I put it out in the ashtray.

I strip off the clothes I've been wearing for the last couple of days and head to the bathroom. After turning on the water and making sure it's hot enough, I move to get in. That's of course when a knock on the front door disturbs me. I don't bother grabbing a robe, or putting something on. What's the point? If whoever's there has never seen a naked woman, then it's about time they did probably. Besides a robe isn't gonna keep me safe. As I pass the table I grab a large knife that's embedded in it. I figure if it is trouble that my being naked will distract them enough for me to put the blade in their gut and rip upwards. Not that I have a lot of trouble looking for me right now, but you never know.

I open the door to find Vivian standing there. It takes a split second for her to realize I'm naked and holding a large blade. Her eyes go wide for a moment. I don't bother with a greeting. Instead I just turn away and stick the knife back into the table. She starts to say something, but I walk off before she gets it out. I grab the bottle of vodka and take it into the shower with me. If she wanted breakfast, she shoulda brought her own.

After a shower, that should have been more relaxing than it was, I put on some loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt that may, or may not be clean. It doesn't matter. Upon re-entry into the living room I find her sitting at the table with yet another folder. God she's turning into a frickin nerd.)

Summer: So, oh friend of mine....what the hell do you want?

(Hey, I'm not belligerent after breakfast. I think I've been rather patient and understanding for having my morning invaded by supposed business. Viv's my friend, but that doesn't mean I have to spend all my time around her. Especially to go over another piece of unnecessary paperwork.)

Vivian: Well for one thing I want my eyesight back. Just because you live in Italy doesn't mean you need to go around showing off that thing you call a body.

(She wishes she had my body. I'm not in the mood for our normal back and forth. This is time I could be spending by myself.)

Summer: Just spit it out Viv...

(To show I mean it, I let my voice go a little lower with the next word. Sometimes you have to spell it out for people.)


(I can tell by her expression she's finally taken the hint. About damn time.)

Vivian: I've got something lined up for you. I told you when you signed that if you market your image a bit you can get better fights.

(Oh, this again. Just what I wanted to listen to for yet another day.)

Summer: And I told you I don't care. I don't want to be disturbed right now. Viv, I'm not in the mood for any of this right now!

(She sighs in frustration. Yeah, like she's the one who should be frustrated...)

Vivian: If you would listen to me instead of acting like a selfish brat, then maybe I could explain this to you b*tch!

(If it will shut her up.)

Summer: Fine.

(I fold my arms across my chest and hope this will be quick.)

Vivian: I have something that is up your alley. It won't be for a couple weeks though. So you can sit here and drink all day if you want. I just need you to take a look at it and sign some more papers.

(Like I drink all day. Where does she get off with that crap? Now if we can hurry this along I can get back to drinking all day.)

Summer: Let's see em.