Travelling Stranger

(The smell of stale air is fresh in the nostrils of the passengers as they stand in line. Many different audible levels of voices and sounds pollutes the air like a smokestack of an industrial power station. The aisle being covered by the various footwear covering their manic feet as they try to find their seats. Their dim eyes looking for the number/letter combo that designates the tiny area they'll be crammed into for the duration of the flight. In the middle of all the commotion one person remains silent. It's almost as if the unknown woman is oblivious to all around her. Her black, straight hair hangs loosely down her shoulders. Some of it serves to hide angry, white/blue eyes. Her dark clothes actually make her stand out rather than be unnoticed. The lack of a bag is another thing to draw attention. Still, what really attracts the attention of unwanted glances is the massive scarring on her forehead. The overlapping series of thick, raised up scars is something that is difficult to not notice.

What could have done that to her? Perhaps a car accident. Perhaps something else. It doesn't look like she's up for telling her stories. Her odd eyes look at those who stare in her direction. It's as if they tell the people to look away while they still can. None try to actually meet her gaze. She finds her seat and sits down next to an obese, sweaty man. She completely ignores his stench...and his attempts at conversation. Her mind is focused on her destination and her intentions. Only one phrase is spoken by her during the trip. Not spoken, whispered. Those who hear it don't understand it's meaning.)

Strange Woman: Holly Caust....