Actions And Consequences: Part Two - Unwanted Interaction

(Last night, the kiss with Johnny Christian. There's a subject I don't want to think about. What happened? Why? I've racked my brain about it all day. Sure I was hammered, but truthfully I was still in control. That doesn't explain to me why it happened? Was it just something that happened in the moment because we were trading punches or what? Screw it. I don't want to think about this. It could lead down some sort of path I don't want to travel on. Okay so I'm trying not to think about it yet it's still there. The path I don't want it to go on is actually having feelings for an idiot like that. Or anyone else for that matter. That's the kinda crap I despise.

I continue walking down the street towards my apartment. In both arms I carry a large paper sack full of new bottles of booze. Why all the booze? I've asked myself that same question on more than one occasion. The only answer I've come up with is because that's what I do. It's a cop out and I know it. As I near my apartment a choice word escapes my lips before I can contain it.)

Summer Ashton: F***!

(Just what I didn't need. Johnny has somehow found out where I live. Not only that, but he's standing in front of my door. I thought I had at least till the next show to figure out how to deal with this. Looks like he's pushed up the time table on me. I don't slow my pace. Instead I walk faster. Not because I'm eager to see him, but rather because I'm eager to get this over with. First Vivian is always bugging me and now this. Speaking of Vivian, I haven't heard from her in awhile. I'll have to call her later. First things first though. JC...and I don't mean Jesus Christ. That's another JC I'll deal with later. I stop a few feet from Johnny and am blunt, to say the least.)

Summer Ashton: What are you doin here?

(Suddenly it appears for the first time, Johnnyís having trouble talking. He stutter steps a few words. It's almost cute, sort of. In an annoying kind of way.)

Johnny: . . . You didnít clean up the glass.

(I smile in reaction. I'm not sure why. Guess I'm in a slightly better, if not more confused, mood today.)

Summer Ashton: Never said I would.

(With that I push past him some and manage to unlock my door while holding the sack full of booze. Booze I'll be wanting to drink after this conversation. I'm not sure why, but the next words from my mouth are inviting. Maybe I just don't want people listening to our conversation.)

Summer Ashton: Get off my porch and in the house.

(Well inviting for me. With that said I walk past him and set the sack on my table. Right next to the large knife I keep stuck in it. Always handy to have there. Johnny keeps scratching the back of his neck like he doesnít know how to respond. But in he comes. He looks at the knife stuck in the table, and looks back at the door contemplating. Thatís kind of funny.)

Johnny: So did you show up to rub it in or what?

(I know what he's talking about. It doesn't take a detective.)

Summer Ashton: My win over you in the WAM Academy Invitational right? Johnny I fight because it's what I'm destined to do. Not so I can brag or rub stuff in. Fighting's all I'm good for.

Johnny: Ah, the humble approach. Just understand one thing, I didn't need that match. I only went to Mexico because they begged. If you haven't noticed I'm a Champion, a blemmish in a middle of nowhere league affects me none. So none of that humble crap. I gave it to you. And you know it too.

(Now this I find amusing. My eyes flash over towards my knife. One thing that is good, everytime he starts to seem almost likeable he makes me hate him once more. Still I keep my temper in check. Instead I just smirk and respond, while tracing my hand across his forhead.)

Summer Ashton: Oh you mean like you let Soup Can carve up your face? Do you tell yourself that you let it happen for dramatic effect? You have given me nothing Johnny. I take what I want. Always.

Johnny: First of all, I kicked his ass that night so any wounds I get are worth it. Take a little trip to the states, BAM, good as new, and looky here Ė

(He opens his Jacket revealing his title. He must sleep with that thing. Of course, he continues to run his mouth. It's what he's best at. If his ability to fight was half as good as his ability to never shut up, I might be worried. No, then again, I probably wouldn't be.)

Johnny: I got some gold. You say you take what you want but all you seem to have is a depressing lonely existence. Iíd ask for a drink, but Iím afraid Iíll drink away your only solice. If you ask me. You have nothing. . .

(I don't really pay that much attention to his words. They're meaningless.)

Summer Ashton: Yet for some reason I come home to find you waiting on my doorstep. You've talked about everything, but why you are here. So be straight-forward, get some courage, and spit it out. What is it you want?

(Oh I'm sorry. Was that impolite? How dare I? I don't have time for someone to come into my home and yap my ear off. Well alright, I have the time, but I very much lack the patience.)

Johnny: Just wanted you to know that I've got you figured out.

(I show my enthusiasm...well my lack of it.)

Summer Ashton: How thrilling for me.

Johnny: You realize where it is you stand, and where it is that Johnny Christian stands. Like I said, you know I gave the match to you. So you showed up to prove yourself to me. And the kiss, I appreciate. And hey, I dug it baby. Just 'cause we're not at the same level doesn't mean you can't have Jonny Christian. I'm down.

(It doesn't get more pathetic or desperate than this. He's so used to his daddy stroking his ego that he can handle going a few minutes without stroking it himself. It's at this point I step closer. Now he's really starting to irritate me. Which means he might want to leave soon. Still, I'll take the time to wound his pathetic pride.)

Summer Ashton: Listen you little jerk off. I didn't initiate that kiss. On top of that it only happened because I was DRUNK! As far as where you stand. Well you stand inside my home. If the laws in Italy are anything like back home, I could legally kill you now and say you broke in and tried to rape and kill me.

(My tone grows more steely while I lower my voice slightly.)

Summer Ashton: Oh how horrified your father would be for you to disgrace the family name. Dying an attempted rapist and murderer. The only people that would show up to your funeral would be the ones who wanted to p*ss on your grave.

Johnny: Well I, Wh - I, I didn't like it anyway . . . You got some serious issues to workout.

(Johnny backs up and walks out of the open door. Finally I get what I want. I told him.)

Summer Ashton: I prefer working on my "issues" alone.

(With that I slam my door shut behind him.)