Actions and Consequences: The Spiral

Summer Ashton: Damnit...

(The words are muttered under my breath. After my match I decided to cut through the cafeteria. Why? Why else? To avoid Johnny Christian by taking a more indirect exit. I figured with his raging ego and inflated self-image he would never lower himself to be in the cafeteria at the Forge. Apparently I was very wrong. Still, I'm not going to turn around and hope he didn't see me. I'm the dominant one here, not him. I take a deep breath and begin to make my way through the room.

I reach him. Our eyes connect. No words are spoken. I feel something within me stir. I ignore it. We pass each other silently and I continue on my way. He looked good....for a complete jerk. Why did I have to end up in this situation? Why did I have to feel something for someoe who spends their time trying to be just like daddy? Why did I have to feel something for anyone at all? God I hate it!

I reach my car and climb in before starting it up. This is yet another reason I'm glad I chose not to live at the Forge. Just more opportunity to run into him. Not that he didn't show up to my place already, but still. Christ, I need to think about something else. I put the car in gear and start heading back to the apartment. Luckily there is something else on my mind. Something more important. I haven't heard from Vivian in a couple of weeks.

Though it's not normally in my nature, I'm getting worried. It's not like her at all. She should have been over causing me to pretend to be more annoyed than I actually am. Instead, I've heard nothing from her. I called her work this morning and they have no clue where she is either. Her boss, Apollo Xavier, talked to me personally. So apparently I'm not the only one who is worried about my friend. Of course, in the end, I'm the only one who is gonna get off their ass and look for her. I pass my apartment. I checked her hotel this morning. I found some of her stuff, but not her. Guess I'll just drive around for awhile and see what I can come up with.)

Summer Ashton: Vivian, where are you?


(The question Summer asked does have an answer. Albeit an unpleasant one. In a damp basement sits the woman in question. Her arms and legs are chained to the chair she sits in. Her clothes are now torn, dirty, and stained with blood. Dried blood covers the area under her lips and nose. Both her eyes are bloodshot and hold black rings around them. The once beautiful orbs now seem all but lifeless. She's endured the wrath of her crazed captor for a couple of weeks now. Feels like it's been months to her. She's not sure if the daily abuse will ever end.

Her captor is the woman known as Exa Cution. Another roller derby girl like her and Summer. The problem between them...well Summer turned the bone in Exa's forehead into chunks back in the day. Exa has unbearable migraines, a scarred forehead, and a metal plate where the bone used to be. She wants vengeance. Vivian wasn't just taken for bait. She was Exa's teammate back in the day. She just watched as Summer maimed the other woman. Exa stares down at Vivian. The dark strands of her hair hand down over her marred forehead. Red lines have recently formed under her tired, yet manic eyes. The sound of flesh smacking against flesh echoes within Vivian's ears as Exa strikes her with a backhand.)

Exa Cution: What's wrong Vivian? Run out of sarcastic things to say? Run out of bravery? I knew that would happen.

(Exa grabs the other woman by the chin to force her to look into her eyes.)

Exa Cution: I knew I'd break you. I'm far from finished with you though. I owe you pain and so much more, but don't worry, I'll kill your friend first. I'll even let you see her body when I'm finished. That way you'll know she won't be coming to save you. God you're pathetic. It sickens me being in the presence of a filthy traitor such as you.

(She spits in Vivian's face. Vivian tenses up immediately. After enduring the woman's torture for two weeks, she's starting to fall into a partial form of shock. Then her eyes go wide as Exa pulls a knife from a sheathe on her leg. Exa waves the knife in front of Vivian's face before leaning forward with a deranged smile.)

Exa Cution: I've so enjoyed our time together that I feel I need a souvenier.

(With that she begins to laugh maniacally as Vivian's blood-curdling screams echo in her ear. Exa basks in the sound as well as the feeling of the woman's warm blood flowing across her hand and blade. She works slowly. She savors her work. She takes her time.)