The Setup

(I awoke to an odd knock this morning. I didn't find a person, but something worse, much worse. Like an idiot I brought it into the house and set it on my table. I should know better than to pull a sealed, cardboard box off my doorstep and into my home. I must be slipping. For the past ten minutes I've stared at it. For all I know it'll explode if I open it. For all I know it's the italian version of a Mary Kay introductary package. Get rid of it. Open it. Do something b**ch. Yeah I talk to myself in my head in such a nice manner. Well, Vivian's not here to give me harsh words so someone has to. Who better than me?

So the question now is, what do I do? You know what? Screw it! I'm opening it. Worse case scenario it blows me up into 132 undistinguishable pieces. At least I'll be at peace for once. Taking the knife I have stuck into the kitchen table, I cut open the top. Then I stab my trusty blade back into the table. The landlord is gonna be pissed when I move and he sees his furniture. Boo hoo, no deposit for me.

I flip open the flaps at the top and at that very moment my heart drops into my gut. For a moment I struggle to process what I'm seeing. I feel sick. Not because of what's in the box, but because of who it belonged to. I reach in and remove the red-soaked piece of flesh. The piece of flesh that was once one of Vivian's ears. How do I know it's hers? It still has one of her earrings in it. I set the ear on the table and stare at it. I've seen all kinds of horrors in my time and this wouldn't bother me in the slightest under normal circumstances, but this is Vivian. She's one of the only people on this wretched planet I care about.

I feel a sadness building within, threatening to twist my insides and dominate all other emotion. My eyes well with water. I feel a tear stream down from my left eye and touch my lips. Salty. I want to be sick. I want to puke. I want to burst into tears. Yet I can't do any of these things. Sadness isn't the only emotion trying to overwhelm my system. Fire and emptiness begin to flood my insides. The fire is my rage. Go figure. I can feel it course through my body. It makes me strong, but it can cause me to lose my edge and make poor decisions. I don't care. Whoever did this will suffer. Luckily, it's not alone. No that empty feeling, that's darkness. That's nothingness. That's what I feed off of. I claw at it. I cling to it for strength. I pull it over my intestines like a security blanket.

Now all I need is my target. They are going to suffer horribly. They'd better hope Vivian is still alive. They'd better pray to their hypocritical god for protection. It's during these thoughts I notice something else in the box. A piece of paper. So the idiot left a note. I open it.)

Dear Holly Caust, I mean Summer Ashton,

I decided to vacation in your area. I figured while I was here I'd catch up on old times with my traitorous teammate. Sorry you missed Vivian. Don't worry, I've kept her quite entertained. Still I'm sad. She's not the only one of you I need to settle up with. So I thought I'd send you a gift. How sweet of me, I know. Hopefully my generousity will make you want to meet with me. I'm so looking forward to our reuinion. So here's the plan:

You will meet me at the abandoned warehouse near the Forge. You know the one I'm talking about. Don't go there till after dark tomorrow night. If you or anyone else shows up before that....well let's just say it would disappoint Vivian quite a bit. Come alone. If you bring anyone with you Vivian's funeral will have to be closed casket. I'm sure you understand. See you soon.

Your friend,

Exa Cution

(Exa? Guess she wants me to smash her forehead into boneshards again. She's going to find her plan for revenge to be more than bittersweet. I'll be there tomorrow night Exa. Last time I was satisfied with a little of your blood and a lot of tears. This time I won't be satisfied until you're dead.)