Violent Residue

(Everything hurts. Still the pain goes well with my vodka. I'm on my back on the couch right now. One outstretched arm hangs onto said bottle of vodka. The outstretched arm is the only good one I have at the moment. My left arm is broken and in a cast. Two of my ribs, right next to the arm, are busted as well. Shooting pains run through a portion of my body everytime I move. A cold, damp washcloth rests over my heavily bruised face. My nose is still swollen but I did manage to set it myself while waiting in the emergency room. Wasn't easy considering Exa had stomped on it and busted it. That fight took a lot out of me. It doesn't help that even with all my injuries I've been still out fighting at shows. Like I'm gonna stop over a little pain or some broken bones. Besides I'm not the person I'm worried about.

Vivian has been staying in my room and I've been crashing on the couch. She hasn't left my room since I brought her home from the hospital. Whatever Exa did while torturing her has really messed her up. She doesn't really talk much these days. It doesn't help that Exa took her ear and maimed her for life. That's a piece of flesh Viv won't be getting back. Hopefully her depression doesn't last. Man this is weird. I'm not used to caring about anything or anyone. Hurting people has always felt like squashing a bug does. For some reason though, I care about Vivian. She's been my only friend for a couple of years now. I can't say it doesn't disgust me...having these kinds of feelings. It does. Just something I'll have to cope with for now. Once she pulls herself back together I'm so going back to giving her crap constantly. If she pulls herself together.

She will if I have to force her to. Of course, I'm not sure my normal tactics are the best solution for the problem. I tend to just physically attack whatever bothers me. Feels great. Somehow though, I don't think she'll snap out of it if I kick her *ss. I take another swig from the bottle. Some of the vodka runs down the side of my mouth. That's what happens when you drink on your back. It's while trying to relax that I have to get interrupted. That's how it always is. The phone starts ringing. I let it ring a few times before I lazily set my bottle down and pick up the phone.)

Summer Ashton: What do you want?

(Yes, I'm ever the poster-child for manners. Go figure. I listen to two people introduce themselves. Conference call. That's a new one. Debt collecters are getting really pushy these days I guess. It takes two of them to make the calls. Of course, these two aren't debt collecters. I let them talk for a bit before saying anything again.)

Summer Ashton: How interesting. What does the SSA have to do with me?

(I prefer to be blunt. It's just one of my more charming qualities. What the two men have to say is rather intriguing.)

Summer Ashton: Alright, you've got my full attention. Lay the details on me.

(This is turning out to be a better day than I thought. I light one of my generic, menthol cigarettes and exhale quietly as I listen. I'm liking their offer, but I expect there are some strings. There always are.)