The Next Chapter

(Ever since our encounter with Exa Cution there hasn't been a day that's gone by where we haven't thought about her. Vivian's way of dealing with the trauma, and her loss of her ear, has been to hole up in a room and hide from the world. I, on the other hand, have been filled with both sorrow and regret. The sorrow is over the loss of what once was my best friend. The Vivian I once new is gone. What's left is a traumatized woman who never wants to be out in public. It's amazing I managed to get her on a flight out of Italy. I think the only reason she managed to suck it up and make the trip to Vegas is because she didn't want me leaving her in Rome alone.

The regret I feel is another matter. I regret that I had to save Vivian's life and miss the opportunity to kill Exa. I hate that I did the right thing. I'm not used to it and I don't like it. If it had been anyone else I would have left them for dead and finished off that b**ch. I just couldn't do that to Viv. Now we'll both be paying for it again someday. I know Exa will resurface at the most inopportune time. Next time she leaves this planet in a bag.

I've barely been in Vegas and already I've gotten another apartment. I can't tell if it's better or worse than the one I had in Italy. Not that I really care. I also managed to get a new doctor. I was getting tired of thick accented quacks anyway. I don't really care for doctors, but with the vast injuries I've had they've been a necessary evil. For the past few weeks I've been dealing with a couple of broken ribs and a broken arm. I can thank Exa for all of that. Damn that crowbar hurt. Of course she knows that now too. I did introduce it to her face afterall. So I had to see a doc when I hit town to get a check up on my progress. The visit started out normal. The discussion of what happened. Which was me telling him it was none of his business. Then he looked things over, took some new x-rays, and then left me waiting for an hour and a half. He's lucky I didn't cave in his face when he returned.

Maybe the reason I didn't was the expression on his face. It was like he was in shock. He kept staring at my file and then at me. In order to get him to even talk at me I had to yell at him. Even I wasn't really sure how to take the news. Already my ribs have healed. That doesn't even really seem possible. What made things really frustrating was that doctor's insufferable stuttering. I had to smack him once just to get the rest of the news. My arm is healing at a much faster than normal rate as well. At this rate, he said, I could be out of my cast very soon. He told me that either I'm healing at an advanced rate that is unheard of among humanity or I'm a liar. I grabbed my file, pushed him aside, and kindly told him what he could do with himself.

So what does this all mean? I have no idea. I just know I like it. If he's right then I'm being given an advantage of sorts. I can accept that. My being fortunate in the health department isn't the most pressing thing right now. I've got two things on my agenda. Johnny Christian and getting Vivian out of my damn bedroom and out of her current funk. I'll deal with my friend's problem soon enough. She probably still needs a bit more time. Thing is, I'm losing my patience with her current inclination to sulk all day. As far as Johnny...well that's a completely different deal. I have been contracted to put together a crew for the SSA. So I've created SSA Education Through Violence. I have a list now and Johnny is the first one on it. Convincing him to sign up is going to be difficult at best.

To put it nicely, we've had a complicated relationship. He'll come around though. It may be kicking and screaming, but he'll come around. Now to send him a letter.)


You're probably surprised to be getting a letter from me. You shouldn't be though. I know our relationship has had its problems. I'm sure we can get past them. Does it really matter that I took a blunt object and smashed your face in five minutes after we decided to try and be a couple? I don't think so. Besides, it was your fault. You're the idiot who made me care about you. What did you think would happen? Did you think we'd get married, have a house, and kids and then live a happy dream-like existence? I'm not that kinda girl. I don't dream about disturbingly sweet stuff like that. Be happy I didn't try to kill you for making me love you, you bastard!

Anyway let's just leave that all be and focus on the now. I'm putting together a group and you're the first person I'm asking to join. So just tell your daddy to shut up, and come join me. You know you want to. I mean you did follow me to Vegas already. Might as well follow my lead some more Johnny. Check the back of the letter for my address. Maybe this time when you show up to a place I live I won't have to threaten you with dying a disgrace. We have such fond memories don't we?

Summer Ashton