God I Hate Humans

(So Johnny thinks he's a bigshot once again. I'm not surprised. His laughable father is always in his ear. That guy lives through his son like Sally Struthers lives through cake. Poor, poor deluded Johnny. His sudden "memory loss" is going to force my hand. I'm going to have to "educate" him as to what our past is and where his place is. He'll remember...even if it's the last thing he does.

For now my thoughts need to be on the here and now. Today I have done the impossible. I have gotten Vivian out of the house. Thank God. Well I would thank him if he weren't such a spiteful bastard. I look over at Vivian as she eats her ice-cream cone. She's my age, but with the shell she's crawled into I have to treat her with kid's gloves. It's really not my style to do so, but it's the only way I'm gonna stop her from spending her time moping around my apartment. That annoys the hell out of me. She was careful before leaving the house to make sure her hair was combed over her missing ear.

Before she was tortured and maimed she had been a good looking girl. She dressed professional and had an almost classic beauty. Just because she's lost her ear she thinks she's hideous now. If you ask me scars are hot. They show you've done something more with your life than just slowly kill yourself with boredom living the supposed American dream. She notices me looking at her. It makes her self-conscious.)

Vivian: What?

(She needs to get over this crap and get on with her life.)

Summer: Would you relax? Just try to enjoy yourself for once. There's nothing to worry about.

(This is about as nice as I can get. Seems nice to me. I know her missing ear isn't the only reason she hasn't wanted to be out in public. The other reason is that Exa Cution may still be out there lurking, waiting. She'll make her move eventually. Next time I'll end it and we'll keep Vivian out of it. She's been traumatized enough. Just as I'm about to say something else I hear one of the last things I wanted to.)

Woman: Oh my god! Look at her ear!

(I look at Vivian and see the wind has blown the hair away from her ear. It's exposed and some idiot has been kind enough to point it out in the worst way possible. Vivian's face cracks. Tears run down her face. The chick could have been nicer and just punched her in the gut. Seeing Vivian fall apart in front of me due to that chick's insensitivity is enough to cause the animal side of me to awaken. I grunt some words at Vivian.)

Summer: Stay here...I'll take you home soon...

(No time is wasted from there. I turn from my crying friend and march quickly over to the woman. She looks at me oddly. I change her expression with my fist. Two blows and she's on the ground. She looks at me with a victim's eyes.)

Summer: Oh so you think you don't deserve this?!

(She moves to shake her head as I begin kicking her ribs.)

Summer: Maybe now you'll learn to keep your f****ng mouth shut b**ch!

(Just as I'm about to stomp on her sternum I'm grabbed from behind and pulled away from her. I shove an elbow into them and spin around. In front of me is a tall, well-built black man. His hair is styled in a flat-top of sorts and he wears a pair of baggy jeans with a wifebeater. Obviously he saw me attacking a woman smaller than me and decided to help the damsel in distress. Gimme a break. Damn good samaritans. They oughtta be shot.)

Man: You think you can attack the helpless in broad daylight? Not on my streets woman.

(Yeah this makes sense to me completely now. I know his type. Grew up in a rough neighborhood. Probably joined a gang and did a bunch of bad stuff and now cleans up the streets to try and find redemption. Sounds like the premise to a bad television show. Yet another reason I'm glad I don't watch tv. I snort in reaction to his words.)

Summer: You're out of your element Urban Avenger. Go try to save your soul somewhere else. I don't have time to help you work out your issues.

(A look of surprise crosses his features. People are so easy to read. The look doesn't stay long. He makes his serious face again. Oh how scary.)

Man: Do you have time to get your butt handed...

(Vivian comes to my side. It causes him to stop short with his words. Her face is still wet from tears. She wants to go home so bad that she's interjected herself into what is most likely going to be a fight. I comb my fingers through her hair and reveal her missing ear to him. At this point I can tell he's speechless. Next thing he'll be wondering is if I did that to her. What a joke. I smoothe her hair back over where her ear should be and look at her pleading face.)

Vivian: Please, can we just go home Summer?

(We turn away from him. Of course he has to shout out something. Afterall his poor, little ego was just deflated. I would have deflated more had we fought. He can consider himself lucky.)

Man: I know your name now, Summer. You'd better pray I never catch you again.

(When did he catch me? Did I miss that part? He's as delusional as poor Johnny.)